Your Travel Business

On any day at 5:00 PM there are at least 200 flights taking off and landing at any large airport. Rental cars are being driven on and off the lots and thousands of key cards are being slipped into hotel room doors. What does that all mean? It means people are traveling! It means regardless of the economy the travel industry is thriving. Airlines have reported over a two billion dollar profit just for the first quarter of this year. The business of travel is alive and well.

With that being the case, why not get your piece of the travel pie? Do you need extra money (and who doesn't)? Well the Hotels Etc Travel Club is offering you a fantastic opportunity to have your own travel business. If you are motivated to start your own business, make extra income and be your own boss, this is for you.

Why not offer a service that's in demand? Unlike some businesses, the lull in the economy hasn't crippled the travel industry. With billions of dollars in profit from the airline industry alone, clearly there is money to be made. If you talk to friends and co-workers they'll tell you in no uncertain terms, that if you could offer them a great deal on travel, they'll take it! The Hotels Etc Travel Club offers amazing discounts on hotels, rental cars, airfare, and more. Therefore allowing you to offer fantastic travel discounts that your clients can use to customize their travel.

Along with the incredible profits that your brand new home based business comes with, there are added bonuses in the form of tax deductions. Just like the travel agency downtown you too will receive deductions on office space (in your home), supplies, office equipment and much more. Your travel business will be recognized as a legitimate business entity with all the rights and privileges afforded any other business.

You will be able to expand your horizons both literally and figuratively. You of course will have firsthand knowledge about specials, brand new discounts on hotels, cruises, and more. But it doesn't stop there. Be innovative, create new business opportunities, build a lucrative wholesale travel business, and assist others in creating fundraisers. The potential is endless and it's all up to you. So if anything that you've read gave you a twinge of excitement, then click on and let your life possibilities soar!  To learn more visit