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16 Sep


    There is nothing as sweet as traveling to a place unknown but inspired through novels, films and videos and of course mostly from online pictures from friends, personalities and or by chance while surfing the web. We as human beings began traveling when we first learned how to crawl, then we started to walk and lol, we find up that the kitchen table is not so high or the backdoor leads to a well kempt green carpet call grass. Fast forward two decades later and 95% of humanity get to travel to a new place at least once in their lifetime.

    In this digital fiber woven society of today, traveling has been made easier. From advanced support systems backing traveling agencies to data capturing devices that allow us all to share our hearty adventures, challenges arise in the one area that is the pivot of any human activity: Planning. So I am going far in a few weeks or months’ time, I am definitely going to cross country borders to sample a culture different from mine on soils unknown to my own two feet. I will state to you the 10 essentials an average Joe or Jane will need in the unfamiliar lands of beaconing exploits.

1.Travel itinerary

Know where you want to go comes automatically. You’ve been dreaming about the Eiffel Tower, the Forbidden Kingdom, the Victoria Falls on Zambezi River, The Pyramids of Giza or the Eye of London. Wherever you want to go, you’ll need a travel itinerary that mainly includes destinations, points of interest and means of transportation like the one below.


Your passport is your master key to getting from point A to B. Getting your papers right before your feet make way into the airport saves you from the embarrassment of missing your scheduled flight and lots of dollars lost buying that ticket alone.


It’s not like you are living home for good hence the reason for so many clothes. About three pairs of clothes, a pair of shoes definitely sneakers and sandals plus your hygiene paraphernalia (I’ll get to this later on) and of course your trustee digital arsenal for the ultimate momentary captures. I’d go for a duffel bag for my daily uses and a small backpack for my instant needs like taking out my phone, wallet, water bottle and etcetera.

4. Travel Bottles

Thanks to terrorism, even carrying a roll of toilet paper can land you in the airport’s security rooms for questioning. The international standard in airports is 100ml for every liquid so you better shop for travel tubes (get the squeezable ones, very functional).

5.Multi-charging devices

Any country in the world has its shortcomings when it comes to hosting its guests and it will be very frustrating, especially with this digital jungle of ours when you get into your hotel room and it has only one single power socket. Damn!! I need to call someone, upload my pictures and take a video while all my gadgets are reading low battery. Get yourself a universal travel adapter like the one below. I like this one simply because of its small size and it comes with a surge protector.


In a highly connective society, internet is key. This one below is a Universal 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Wireless Pocket Hotspot Router Modem Broadband, internal battery and can connect up to 10 devices.

7.Digital Organizer

This is a laptop size bag that contains various compartments for your gadgets to fit in. Be it your I-pad, chargers, batteries, USB cables and all this bag will get you covered.

8. Money belt

Going for your wallet in your pocket only to find it missing or misplaced, not a funny feeling. Invest in a money belt is way safer as you can place in your daily cash and necessary documents in it.

9. Water Purifier Bottle

Health is wealth, there is no fun in being sick during your vacation. Get yourself a Water Purifier Bottle if your destination will be to a Third World country.

10.Bathing Towels

As much as this may not cross your mind, it’s best to have one. The one below is a set of 3 Microfiber Towels.

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