Travel Club Reviews

We have research several travel clubs from all over the globe to see which ones actually work and bring you the biggest discounts. The list below is some of the most exclusive travel clubs around the globe.

First Travel Club is Distinctive Retreats (Tanner and haley destination clubs) the membership deposit is $475,000 with annual dues of $16,750 then you have to pay an additional fee for every night used.
With an average residence value of $2.5 million, Distinctive Retreats is one of the original Abercrombie & Kent Destination Clubs, currently being marketed under the larger Tanner & Haley Destination Clubs brand, due to increased demand. In fact, both Private Retreats and Distinctive Retreats will soon be sold out, leading to the introduction of a third, premier tier of residence club: Legendary Retreats.

Second travel club is Dream Catcher Retreats with membership cost of $17,500 and annual dues of $17,000
With a member-to-home ratio of only four-to-one, intraclub date conflicts are considerably less likely. And that's a good thing, because with an average property value of $3.25 million, these homes are certainly worth fighting for. Personal Reservation Assistants are on-hand before the trip to book flights and arrange limousine transfers, and Destination Hosts are available during the trip to make sure the property is ship-shape before your arrival. Fifteen-day and corporate memberships are also available.

Third is Hotels Etc. Membership costs range at $129.95 for a lifetime membership card and no annual dues. They are expected to raise the cost of their lifetime membership card to $1000 here in the near future. Members receive access to private negotiated discounts around the globe in over 141 countries. Hotels Etc. currently has corporate offices in over 15 countries and over 9,000 distributors. Serving over four million members, Hotels Etc. travel club appears to be the most valuable travel club for the cost. To learn more visit to learn how to save on Hotels, Cruises, Condos, Apartments, Car Rentals, Camping, Fishing, Dinning, Retail, Online, Offline and much more.

Fourth is Emperor's Club membership costs currently at $575,000 and anticipated to go up to $700,000 with annual dues of $45,000 Membership clubs are great in theory, but some, like cruises, charge additional fees on top of the flat entrance fee. At the Colorado-based Emperor's Club, a fleet of private jets, several private islands and several 100-foot-plus mega-yachts, as well as a private chef, butler and luxury vehicle at each and every property, won't cost you another dime. That's because club membership doesn't come cheap.

Personally I feel that Hotels Etc. offers the most affordable membership dues.