Different Ways to Make the Best of Summer Travel

The summer is on and this is the best time to get away to an exotic location to escape the heat. Planning a holiday can be confusing on which package to choose or which agent to trust on over the travelling tickets, which hotel to stay and lastly how to save money on the trip. Here are a few suggestions which can help the travelers to save money.

  1. Book in advance: As far as possible do not make on time decisions and plan your travel much in advance.  Summer holidays, is a time when the airlines and holiday planners make the most as the demand is high. In such a condition it is wise to book tickets much in advance as the rates are low and saves plenty of bucks.
  2. Book to and from together: Usually, booking both the ways help to save plenty of money as many companies offer heavy discounts on booking the return tickets on advance.   Booking in advance also helps to plan the trip accordingly and you know when exactly you are returning. In this way you can plan which day you have to give for shopping and which day you have to dedicate for sightseeing.
  3. Beware of discounts: Holiday season is also a season of attractive discounts. Many companies lure the customers with the help of their discount offers which look good but the bottom line includes many other charges and might put you in trouble. Read the deal carefully before you finalise the package. This way you will get a rough idea about your overall expenses in advance.
  4. Vouchers at theme parks: While you are at a theme park, do not end up paying for each and every ride in the park. There are options where you have to just pay at a single place and enjoy all rides at discounted rates. In this way you will still be benefitted even if you do not go for all the rides in the vouchers.  Vouchers are the best option to save money at a theme park.
  5. Discounts in hotels:  When you are booking for the tickets, there are many travel agencies which also offer hotel accommodations at discounted rates if you book it along with the tickets.  Booking accommodation with the travel tickets helps to save plenty of money. If you are looking to get the best hotel discounts you might want to consider private membership clubs such as Hotels Etc. which offers members rates not available to the public.
  6. Prefer to stay at hotels of family and friends: Staying at a hotel which belongs to a family member or a friend helps to avail heavy discounts. Apart from just discounts it also helps to give the best service as you become an important guest for the hotel staff.
  7. Stock up snacks:  During travel, the major expenses are of food and snacks. We end up spending a lot on snacks so it is better to stock up a good amount of snacks which will be enough for the entire trip.  Some hotel rooms also have microwave ovens in the suits which can be useful to make instant pop corn within minutes. Also stock up a loaf of bread and peanut butter which can be a great breakfast on a holiday.