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Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus, we are extending an offer to help everyone have access to a Doctor 24/7 for your immediate family.

The membership options below give you FULL and UNLIMITED access to Teledoc (telehealth) for your immediate family with one membership with NO-COPAYMENT.

President Trump recently signed off on a bill that allows Telehealth to be used within the United States without restrictions. You and your family will have access to a full time doctor 24/7 without going to the Doctor office and possibly risking your family of COVID-19.

There is no cure for coronavirus, but if you have symptoms of the virus or have an other issue you can contact Teldoc through your Hotels Etc. membership and our doctors will evaluate your risk and help with next steps when necessary.

The health and wellness program is only available within the United States. When more countries become available we will notify you.

  • Monthly Plan
  • $ 29.95 / Month
  • Monthly Subscription gives access to all the discounts Hotels Etc. offers plus the Health & Wellness.
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  • Annual Plan
  • $ 299.95 / year
  • Annual Subscription (12 months) gives access to all the discounts Hotels Etc. offers plus the Health & Wellness.
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If you are facing any difficulties or have any questions prior to picking your plan please feel free to contact us by emailing [email protected].