Start your own home based business and work from home

Today's job market is fierce. More and more people are competing for less and less jobs. Because of this the average employ is expected to work harder. The hours are getting longer, the benefits are shrinking and the chance to advance or even see raises seems to be almost impossible. The prospects look grim.

Or do they?

If you have ever dreamed of extra income opportunities, if you have ever wanted that extra sense of freedom and self direction the corporate world seems to discourage, you need to break free. If you are tired of getting less than you feel you are worth, and being forced to listen to the latest corporate lackey that got promoted, not because of what he knew, but because who he knew; then you should consider becoming your own boss and start a small business.

Now of course, you are thinking, I do not have the experience, I do not have the time, a million other reasons not to, let us look at some options. If you do not have the training or the savvy to start a business from scratch, there are the franchises and distributorships. A franchise can be as small as Avon you do from home all the way up to a McDonalds. Simply put, someone else has worked out the concept, written the business plan and worked out the bugs; all you have to do is put up the capital and go to work. A distributor ship could be anything from sending out merchandise from an online catalog to owning a car dealership. You are doing much the same thing as a franchise, but here the business is product based, not so much service based as a franchise is. The nice thing for you non-entrepreneur savvy, is that many of these franchises and distributorships train.

Starting a at home small business can be a rewarding one. Many well known businesses such as Microsoft and apple started as home businesses and now are worth billions. Of course not every home business is destined for the greatness of Bill Gates or Steve jobs, but you can make a comfortable living. All you need is determination. Find something you will be happy doing, because you will spend a lot of time doing it. Research. Many websites have tons of info. Contact the Small Business Administration. Above all, dream and do not be afraid to reach for them.