The Quest For Cheap Hotels Won't End On Public Bargain Sites

The Quest For Cheap Hotels Won't End On Public Bargain Sites

Have you ever felt like hotel rooms on major public bargain sites like Expedia aren't as cheap as they should be? Believe it or not, many shoppers really do believe that they are getting the lowest hotel rates around when shopping on these kinds of public travel discount sites. On the surface, this seems like a pretty smart choice, and it seems like a very reliable way to get good hotel rates on the fly.

However, those who have read recent travel magazine publications can tell you that these sites have been getting into quite a bit of scandal for a variety of reasons. Some have been caught raising the price when they notice a user browsing specific rooms and areas frequently, some have been caught booking rooms that are not actually available when the travelers arrive, and some have even been caught lying about the amount of money people would save by booking through them.

Clearly, if you are an online shopper who really wants to stretch your dollar as far as it will go, shopping on bargain sites that are open to the public will not be your best bet. This raises a very important question for shoppers who want to get the lowest hotel rates on their next trip – where do you go from there?

The answer is to look into some of the top travel membership sites on the net, since most of the biggest discounts on hotel rooms, travel accommodations, and vacation attractions are not open to the public anymore. Yes, in order to access the biggest discounts, you may have to become a member in a private travel membership club. Though this may seem counterintuitive, paying a low membership price can often lead to hotel discounts that are several times the amount that you paid for the actual membership fee. Generally speaking, it is worth the fee, even if you are only booking a single vacation in that year. We suggest joining Hotels Etc for the best hotel discounts on the net, as well as restaurant and travel discounts from a variety of different providers.

Once upon a time, it was assumed that the search for the lowest hotel room rates would always end on some of these public discount sites that have been in newspaper headlines as of late. With the advent of high end travel membership clubs like Hotels Etc, there is a new standard in place when it comes to inexpensive travel. You don't need to be a millionaire to enjoy an amazingly glamorous vacation if you are a member of a travel club, and sites like Hotels Etc prove this to be true. Why not get your membership today?