Money Saving Travel Tips

Saving money is very important to 95% off the world. We have compiled some of the most useful travel tips available. Follow the travel tips below to help cut your travel expenses in half and sometimes for life.

First travel tip on saving money on your travel is to join a travel club. There are travel clubs that negotiate with travel partners all over the globe to bring the most amazing travel bargins ever offered. These travel clubs typically cater to the travel industry and can give you exclusive discounts to hotel discounts, resorts, condos, apartments, lofts, vacations property discounts and more. I have personally researched every travel club available and after all my research I have discovered that nobody offers discounts like Hotels Etc. You can check out the site at

Second Travel Tip is to book in advance. Most companies like to see their bookings full months in advance so they can predict their future income. By booking in advance sometimes 30-90 days, you will receive very strong discounts that you would not normally be able to receive. Be ware that in most cases these types of advanced reservations have very strong cancellation policies that can cost you more than what it is worth. Make sure your plans are very solid and make sure nothing stands in your way of traveling.

Third Travel Tip for airline discounts. As you may or may not know, airlines are not offering any form of discount codes corporate codes or any form of discount. The best way to receive the best price on airline discounts is to simply visit the airline site and look at their promotion page. Airlines are running on such a tight budget that trying to get an additional discount out of the airlines is slim to none.
If you book through 3 party portals then in most cases you are paying more than what it would cost if going direct through the corporate airline site.

Personally I would join a travel club. To learn more visit