Members of Travel Clubs Save Big

Are you looking for hotel discounts, car rental discounts or theme park discounts? Well, being a member of travel clubs can surely help you get that. The discounts are the first major benefit of a travel club membership. Depending on your membership, you may obtain a discount of 50% up to 80% off the usual room prices. You are also not committed or tied down to one property. Unlike a timeshare where pay large amounts of money so that you can stay at one location, being a travel club member allows you to stay at any of the properties your travel club is affiliated with.

The prices for properties can go also anywhere from $10,000 to $90,000 or more in a timeshare. The annual maintenance fees are not even included in it. Travel club memberships are often half the price of timeshare properties, with no recurring charges. Members are also often permitted to stay for several weeks every year, unlike in most timeshare properties wherein the owner is only allowed to stay one week per year.

Your membership is also not subject to hotel rooms only. Lots of travel clubs have various vacation packages that you can choose from, ranging from condos, cruises, luxury hotels, resorts and many more. Some companies even offer the option to have car rental discounts and theme park discounts. Being a member of a travel club allows the average family or person to enjoy a luxurious vacation and the kind of lifestyle they want without spending a lot and breaking the bank.  

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