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The Hotels Etc Team

Meet the very able Hotels Etc Inc team that is committed to helping you achieve the best discounts in the industry...

    Meet the brains behind Hotels Etc Inc.,


The Corporate Team

Shawn Pigg

Shawn Pigg is the founder and current CEO of Hotels Etc., Inc. He has extensive experience in the travel and discounts industry, and prides himself in running one of the most successful discounts membership portal online.

Holly Pigg
Vice President

Travel expert and Vice President at Hotels Etc Inc. 

Matt Saul

Matt Saul is a savvy and experienced web developer who studied Computer Science at Wheaton College.  He has been coding since the age of eight.  He loves his cat Wilson, his family, and crisp Michigan fall days.  

Patrick Kagereki
IT Support Specialist | Business Development

IT support specialist with a strong background in Oracle database technology, website development, SEO and business development.


Steve Gresham
Steve Gresham, born and raised in Georgia, USA. Mr. Gresham has a passion for helping Churches, Schools, Sports Team, Hospitals and Non-Profits raise needed funds. His mission is life is to help 1 Million Families become Debt Free. Mr. Gresham has 30 years experience in Marking and is the CEO of his own Company with over 50,0000 Affiliates. 
He holds a 4th degree black belt and is the Vice President of the USKKA (United States Kenpo Karate Association). After personally using the Hotels Etc. Membership for years, knowing the power of the product, Mr. Gresham has accepted the position of Chief Officer of Fundraising for Hotels Etc and is proud to help take Hotels Etc. benefits to the world. Contact Mr. Gresham at [email protected] or text him at 864.832.7339.
Tracey Thompson

I am the personal assistant to Shawn and Holly and help them with day to day activities.

I also work in hospitality/artists relations for Woodruff Arts Center and The Fox Theater. Thank you for the opportunity to join the team and I look forward to growing with the company.  

Hotels Etc., Inc. Customer Service Department

Direct: 770-837-9808

Toll Free:1-877-967-7283 ext 2

    Our Partners/Business Associates;

Mike and Patricia Newsome
Hotel Etc. business owners in the state of Virginia.

Mike and Patricia Newsome are the exclusive Hotel Etc. business owners in the state of Virginia.

They are successful business owners and are excited to be part of the Hotels Etc.team. "We bought into the vision that Shawn Pigg shared with us from the very beginning.  And we are even more excited about the growth and direction the company is about to take. The sky is the limit for Hotels Etc. and Hotel Etc. of Virginia !"

Terrance Williamson
Exclusive owner

Terrance Williamson, an exclusive owner of Hotels Etc. Bahamas/Turks and Caicos Island, hails from the tranquil islands of the Bahamas.

His passion to help others guides his purpose to serve his country. Hence, the decision to join the Royal Bahamas Police Force where he has served in the world renown Royal Bahamas Police Band for over 29years as an Ambassador and a Professional Musician. Mr. Williamson is also the CEO of Millionaire Mindset Club and manages the website Opportunity Discount which affords Bahamians the ability to receive discounts from local businesses. Mr. Williamson is a hard and dedicated worker, who loves travelling and is a true adventurer at heart.

He understands that a change of scenery is essential for good mental health and a well balanced life. However, he also understands that due to the high cost of living only a few can afford this luxury. Therefore, Mr.. Williamson has joined Hotels Etc., the worlds greatest discount club owned by Mr. Shawn Pigg, to ensure that the masses can enjoy great vacations at affordable prices.

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