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Hotels Etc. wants your business, but not in the usual way. We want to add your business to a growing network of partners that offer deals and discounts to our members. Having access to our members is what it`s about. These are sophisticated consumers who know a good deal when they see one. They`re looking to buy, given the right deal!

Here`s where your business comes in. When you join the Hotels Etc. network, you have the ability to create a compelling discount and offer it to a new market of people. Businesses can count on higher profits and efficiency when they offer our members an exclusive deal. It`s a way to fill in those inevitable gaps that every company experiences - whether it`s last minute cancellations, less popular times and dates, or empty seats that go unsold. Hotels Etc. will offer your product or service at a discount to its captive audience of members. Hotels Etc. is the largest membership-based travel and entertainment discount company of its kind, with over 4 million memberships sold since 1996.

Countless internationally recognizable companies have partnered with Hotel Etc. to offer deals to members, including Hilton, Disney, Budget, Thrifty and Clarion Hotels. What makes their offerings so attractive is that they are not available anywhere else. No Internet deal, Sunday coupon or frequent buyer program competes with Hotel Etc. deals and our members know this. That is why our loyal customers routinely return and give their business to our partners. To be considered for inclusion in the network, businesses must provide members a discount that is greater than what the public receives. Upload a custom coupon that members can print out and use, as long as it is not available elsewhere. And the discount network is growing. Hotels Etc. is committed to growing its national and international discount network, expanding it to include as many categories of public consumerism as possible.

Companies are competing even more for customers and their dollars and we`d like to facilitate that transaction. Our members benefit and our discount network partners benefit. While the name Hotels Etc. alludes to a vacation and travel deals, members are privy to much more. The discount network consists of a broad array of travel and entertainment deals - from hotels, cruises and airfare to restaurants, shopping and companies that provide moving and moving quotes. It`s because of this diversity that every company with customers should consider joining the Hotels Etc. network.