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Just a note about Travel Clubs

12 Mar

Just a note about Travel Clubs

Travel clubs and membership clubs are a sure way to save money if you are
with the right organization. There are several companies out there that say
they have private negotiated discounts but once you join the program you
discover the discounts are no different than what is available on Google.

Hotels Etc travel club only offers private negotiated discounts.  Our discounts on not available to the general
public and if we find out they are then we delete them from our database.  We are not in business to take a yearly
renewal fee or to get filthy rich off our members, we are in business to help
you save money. Let’s think about this for a minute. The Hotels Etc. lifetime
gold membership card is valid for life with no renewal fees or annual dues
ever. This means we need to keep our system clean to help us reduce customer service.
With this being said we monitor, negotiate and research our own discounts to be
sure we only bring you top notch savings. Most companies charge annual dues or
renewal fees, why, so they can get richer?  To learn more about joining Hotels Etc. please
visit members.hotelsetc.com/join_now

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