How to Increase Your Hotel's Revenue

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Hotels Etc. will definitely help you to fill your empty rooms. It is better to give a discount than to have vacancies for full price. You will have fewer and fewer vacancies over time, thus increasing your annual revenue.

Hotels Etc. has sold 4 million memberships since 1996. Once a membership is purchased, it becomes a lifetime membership with no renewal fees. There will always be more and more added members to fill-up your rooms. In addition to hotel reservations, they provide discounted services of all types in over 100 cities in 140 countries. A few examples of the many services are airfare, restaurants, car rentals, golf fees, movie theaters, theme parks, cruises and more. These types of businesses will also be interested in visiting the site and listing.

The primary focus of Hotels Etc. is to save its members money and to help businesses to grow. They are specialists in all areas of the travel business. They offer an entrepreneurial program, in an effort to increase business, as well as to help others with their employment futures. "Hotels Etc. is based on the promise we keep." To list your hotel simply visit