How to Get Free Advertising

The cost of advertising can be pretty expensive for a business owner especially if your business is in a competitive market. Standing out amongst the crowd can sometimes cost more than what is brought in and the promotion needs to be able to catch the attention of your target market. There is however, a way to receive free advertising without a sales pitch or hidden fees and cost.

Hotels Etc offer its partners an opportunity to save thousands of dollars on advertising by simply registering their business. You will gain world wide exposure and be placed in the front of the over 4 million members of Hotels Etc. Becoming a partner is free with no hidden fees or recurring monthly charges. There is only one requirement to gain world wide exposure through Hotels Etc's powerful promotional tools such as radio commercials, television ads and its printed promotional efforts like magazines, publications and newspapers and that is to offer discounts to its 4 million members that is not offered to the general public. The recommended discount is around 30% to 50% off. An occupied room means money.

With that type of discount your revenue is guaranteed to increase because Hotels Etc will help sell your vacant rooms to its members. Partners are given their own space to place an ad that they can edit content or add updated information as your business change. This feature is only offered to partners in the lodging market which includes the hotel industry, bed and breakfast and Apartment complex owners to name a few.

Hotels Etc is a unique service because it does all of the work for its partners so they can concentrate on growing their respective businesses. Most advertising sites make you pay a fee to list your business with the hope of potential consumers buying your service. With Hotels Etc there are already 4 million members who are looking for the type of service you provide. Consumers scour the internet for deals on hotels every day. By providing them with an exclusive offer for a night or two you not only make more money on a room that may have gone empty for the night but filled your hotel with customers who may have never known where to find you. Becoming a member is simple and it is free to join. You can start gaining exposure by signing up by visiting