How to list my business for free - Hotels Etc.

If you are a business owner or manger you know the importance of marketing and branding but you also know the expense it takes to get your name out there. If you are a traditional brick and mortar business then you might not have to work as hard because you focus more on local listings and local searching versus global searching or global listing.

There are several sites that allow you to list your business for free inside a business directory but how much business will you actually receive from that listing is one of the biggest questions you need to ask yourself. You can list your business for free on several online directories but you have to take in consideration several different factors including what type of traffic do they receive? What Page Rank are they? Where is my link located? And the biggest question is how long does it take for my free listing to appear inside the business directory? I would recommend listing your business in as many places as you can. Matter of fact if you go to google and type in “Submit URL” or “Add your website” you will see thousands of listings pop up so you can easily add your website or business. When you type in the phrase above be sure to use the quotation mark before and after to narrow down the search results.
A business directory is really no different than a search engine. You are basically getting a one way link pointed to your business or website. If you submitted a traditional Brick and Mortar business then you will focus more on local searches. You will need to include your address and etc. so potential customers in your area will locate your business within the business directory.

Hotels Etc. offers a new approach for local and global business. You can list your business for free within our business directory. Simply visit our website and list your business for free or add your website to our directory and have access to over 4,000,000 members around the globe. Regardless if you a local mom and pops business or if you are an international sensation, Hotels Etc. will bring you the business you deserve. The best part about is it is “FREE” to list your business.

So how do you submit Your site or business and what are the terms and conditions? Very simple! Visit and submit your business. Submissions typically take 3-5 days. You will also receive publicity on their Facebook Page at

The only requirement is you will need to give members a discount that IS NOT AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. You can do so by adding a coupon, promo code, special URL or simply require members to identify themselves as a member of Hotels Etc. and require them to present their membership card.

Everyone is always asking how do I market online? This seems to be the best way. Free advertising, Free exposure and new customers. You can’t beat that. Now pretend that you are asking yourself, “What if I can’t afford to give a discount”? That is a great question. What I would like you to do is look at your advertising expense. Now look at how many ads you place that offers some form of discount. If you focus on those 2 numbers, you will discover not only are you paying for the ad, but you are also loosing 10-20-30-40 or even 50% because of your coupon. Why not give a little bigger discount to members of Hotels Etc. and cut out your advertising expense?

To list your business for free within the Hotels Etc. discount directory, visit and be sure to follow the terms and conditions so your listing gets approved.