How many months does one membership last?
Monthly memberships are valid for one full month and will auto renew on your enrollment anniversary unless you cancel.
Your annual discount membership card is valid for 12 months from the date of registration. If you are a lifetime member your membership card is valid for lifetime. 

How much does the membership cost?
Since Hotels Etc. is a global company and supports members from all around the world the price may vary from country to country. To find out the exact cost to join Hotels Etc. visit our join page.

Can I choose where to purchase my Hotels Etc. membership?
We ask you to purchase from the phone number or website that you see advertised. Hotels Etc. has offices all around the world and we want to be sure that those particular offices receive the order. If you see a TV commercial or our Infomercial then you can order directly from

How many rooms is one card valid for? Can I book for my colleague too?
One card is required per room. This means that you cannot book one room for you and one for your colleague, the second person needs a card of his own. Seeing that it only takes 1-2 nights at a hotel to cover the cost of the membership card - it is really worth recommending Hotels Etc. to all your colleagues.

How can I make my reservation?
We offer the same exact booking procedures as the large public sites like Simply search our booking engines and make your reservation. Our system is just as secured as the bigger companies the only difference is our inventory is discounts by up to 80% off the public rates. If you are using our discount directory then you will be provided with instructions to redeem that particular discount which may include using a promo code, discount code, corporate code, presenting your membership card and etc.

Can I call Hotels Etc. office to make a reservation?
No, you will need to use our online booking engines or if instructed call the hotel direct. Hotels Etc. does not reserve or cancel reservations.

Am I guaranteed 80% discount?
No, the discount is up to 80% off depending on when and where you are going. You can visit which will show you some comparison videos that will explain how our system works.

Why would I pay for a membership card and not just search online for the discount?
The discounts that are available in our system are not available anywhere online. We typically dominate the public rates 9/10 times by up to 80% off. Hotels Etc. has very strict quality control to ensure that every discount provider in our system offers our members a discount not available to the public. We do not make companies pay us commissions instead we give you the best discount and we generate our profits from the membership fee.

Is the cardholder the only person who can use the card?
You can allow your spouse to use the membership card and we will confirm it with our partner if they attempt to verify. 

If I purchase the card through the company, can I then use it for private travels?
Yes, of course! There are no limitations as to how often you can use the card or to the purpose of the travel. Regardless if you travel every day or one time every 10 years you will still receive the same benefit from your Hotels Etc. membership card.

Is the up to 80% discount applicable at weekend rates too?
Yes, you can make reservations and purchases 365 days per year at a discounted rate.

If my company is interested in several cards for its traveling staff, are there any discounts applicable?
Yes, we do offer programs for HR departments that wish to offer discounts to their employees. We also offer group purchases. If you are interested in a group purchase then please email [email protected] or visit

Are membership cards renewed automatically or where do I do so?
The annual membership cards that are purchased online are automatically renewed. In the event you purchased offline then your membership will not renew automatically. If you are a lifetime member there no renewal or annual dues!

Why would any company give these types of discounts?
Because we are a private closed loop program which allows businesses to give a deeper discount because they know it is not available to everyone. There is also no advertising expense with our providers, they don’t pay us for placement or inclusions, the discount they provide is considered the payment to us.

Who is Hotels Etc. membership suited for?
Hotels Etc. membership is suited for everyone. Anyone who ever thinks about renting a car, staying at a hotel, eating at a restaurant, going to a theme park, zoo, attractions, movies, playing golf, staying at a condo, or taking a cruise then you need to own a Hotels Etc. membership card. The card could possibly pay for itself the very first time you use it.Click here to order your card today.

I receive reward points for hotel stays; will I still receive my points using this discount?
We have our own built in rewards program which allows you to earn free vacations. If you have a rewards program for a particular brand then you will have to request the points at arrival.

Exactly what hotels participate with Hotels Etc.
There are hundreds of thousands of Hotels that are part of the Hotels Etc. membership program and there is no way we can list them all here. We basically have all the same properties that you would find on the other public booking sites. All brands from1-5 star properties.

Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau and if so how can I check out your ratings?
We are listed with the Business Bureau.

I lost my card. How can I get a new one?
You must call our office or use our lost card form


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