The Concept

Hotels Etc. Inc. is a membership based company that provides a wide range of interrelated services to entrepreneurs, consumers and medium to large corporations since 1996. We are offer options for "Exclusive Territories," which will allow you to replicate our success in offering our services in the state or country of your choice.

When you purchase the rights to an Exclusive Territory, Hotels Etc will provide you with all the information and assistance you need to start your business and ensure its continued success.

Benefits of an Exclusive Territory

  • Website developed off the .com domain
  • Option to use your countries TLD
  • Toll Free number with extension
  • Marketing materials custom made for your territory
  • Option to sell all materials and tools
  • Train, run and mentor your own down line (we are not MLM)
  • Own the rights to our TV programs in your territory or country
  • Limit the amount of other distributors in your territory, or have as many as you want
  • Ability to resell certificates and all business incentive items
  • Exclusive county rights to our Lifetime Gold Card
  • Set up your own fundraising campaign
  • Great company, reliable name, recognition
  • Operate your own business
  • Rights to Exclusive Territory of your choice
  • Flexible hours - live the lifestyle of your dreams
  • Access to over 13 years of knowlegde and experience
  • A business based on a proven system
  • Use of the latest in advanced technology
  • The chance to work with senior executives including the CEO of Hotels Etc.
  • Complete training and support for you and your staff
  • Rapid pay-back on your investment
  • No overhead, allowing you to operate from home
  • The opportunity to work in a business-to-business environment
  • Unlimited potential for growth
  • The option to apply for more than one territory
  • Profits on all retail, wholesale, marketing tools and distributor sales

Exclusive Training Options

Because we know everyone wants to see a return on their investment in the shortest time possible, Hotels Etc has set up an incredible training system that will teach you step by step how to:

  • Get started with an Exclusive Territory
  • Sell distributorships
  • Become a retail supplier
  • Run your own TV show
  • Run your own TV commercials
  • Run your own radio commercials
  • Internet marketing
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Link exchanging
  • Publication advertising
  • Zero cost joint venture trades
  • Media trading
  • Bartering
  • Press releases
  • How to train your distributors
  • And many other great marketing avenues

Training includes a 5-day program via video conferencing, phone conferencing and email. We will teach you our business approaches, services, products, databases, technology and selling techniques. We will continue to provide training after you open for business. Once your business has started to come in, you receive continuous support from us; someone from our management team will be available to answer any of your questions. As you begin to close accounts and create a large down line we recommend you consult with the head office for additional coaching. The program includes co-op advertising, extensive training and support, contact lists and assumption of established accounts in you territory.

With the recent hike in prices across the globe, consumers are now searching for a true way to save and that is what Hotels Etc offers. Now you can help boost the economy by saving consumers' money and helping business owners increase their revenue with premium incentive products.

It has been said that good business is being in the right place at the right time: Do you have what it takes to be part of one of the most explosive companies on earth? If so, then we want to talk.

Your Business - Your Brand - Our Support


What are my rights as an Exclusive?

Exclusive opportunities allow you a chance to own 100% of the rights to your area. You will control who sells and promotes in your territory as well as how big you want to make your business. Below is an outline of exactly what you get as an exclusive Hotels Etc. owner. The outline below is not an agreement or contract.

  • All retail sales, either from corporate or your own advertising

Regardless if the sale comes from our national corporate advertising or if the sale comes from your advertising campaigns, you will be awarded the sale if it is within your territory. We will also add your link to main website to direct your territory your way.

  • All wholesale sales, either from corporate or your own advertising

Hotels Etc. advertises the distributor opportunity worldwide. You will have the option to purchase leads at $10 each from corporate office, for all your territory leads. This is the average acquisition cost per lead.

  • All marketing materials sold to distributors

Marketing materials that are sold through corporate office or through your own efforts will become yours, as long as you wish to offer that product and be willing to stock it. If the certain product requires custom printing, then you are not required to stock it. At that point, you place your order, we will print it and ship it to you. All items have at least a 100% mark up or more.

  • Allowed to sell business opportunities to create an organization

Regular distributors are not allowed to promote the business opportunity. This option is only available to Hotels Etc. corporate and exclusive offices. As an exclusive, you will be allowed to publish and distribute ads that attract distributors to your program. This is a great way to duplicate yourself, and you have 100% control over it.

  • 100% rights to marketing materials

All the marketing materials will be sold at your discretion. For example, if a distributor out of California wants to run the 30 min TV show in your state, he/she must contact you and order the master tapes and get permission to do so.

  • Free website and number extension off the corporate phone/website

Your website will be an extension of the Hotels Etc. site. An example of your site would be:[yourterritory]. You will also receive an extension number based off the corporate number, which is 1-877-967-7283 EXT [yours]. Your territory will also be listed on, so when someone signs up, if they are in your area, you are paid! For example, if you own Japan, then anyone who goes to Hotels Etc from Japan will see your link and they will go to your site.

So what are you waiting for?

We are an open-minded company that cares about the value and reliability of our membership program and we are looking for driven individuals who are focused on creating success and upholding the value of Hotels Etc.

If you are one of these individuals, we would be interested in discussing your successful future with Hotels Etc. Please fill out the contact form and our team will contact you to have further discussions - or give us a call at 877-967-SAVE. 

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