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With organized labor down to about 7 percent of the private work force, this past Labor Day proved to be a somber event. Many of us are struggling to find work in this difficult economic climate. Several months ago, it appeared that our economy was strengthening; however, in the past couple months it has declined drastically. Recent news reports suggest that it is only getting worse. Are we heading into a deeper recession? What can you do to ensure a steady income stream?

Recent economic studies show that our situation is similar to that of 1928, the year before the Great Depression. To give an example, in 1928 the richest 1 percent of Americans took in over 20 percent of the nation's total income, as opposed to the 8 percent average during economic booms. In 2007, the top 1 percent took in over 22 percent of total income, similar to the year right before the Great Depression! The problem is the middle class does not have this money to spend because it is sitting in the bank accounts of the wealthiest Americans. This is scary and it is time to take our future, and the future of our families into our own hands. The only way we will be able to rebuild a sustainable economy is to focus on small businesses because as we all know, they drive the U.S. economy.

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