What does Hotels Etc have to offer?


Hotels Etc is a "discount membership club" - Clients pay for a membership, and as a result get discounts on many different aspects of their trip. Originally designed for travel, it focused on hotels and excursions, but over time has come to include everything from movie tickets to shopping. The major advantage is that the discounts are better than anything else available.  

As a member of the Distribution Team, you will be able to purchase the memberships at a significant discount, and resell them to a variety of clients: your friend network, companies, organizations, etc.  And what you sell them for determines how much you make - your future is in your hands!

There is no "pyramid," no downline, no unclear income methods - we are completely transparent in how you make money. You can literally begin making money the very day you start, and you can work with a company you are proud to represent. 

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