Xpress Healthcare™

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Xpress Healthcare™ is a nationwide discount program where you & your family can save 10-85% on most of your healthcare needs. Free 2 week Trial!

Xpress Healthcare™ is a discount healthcare program and our goal is to provide a top level of service to individuals who are in desperate need to save on healthcare. Xpress Healthcare™ is a health discount membership program which offers significant savings to all its members. Our membership programs encompass all aspects of healthcare, including physicians, hospitals, prescription drugs, vision care, hearing aids, chiropractic services, 24-hour nurse line, medical supplies and equipment, and Aetna Dental Access®. Our membership cards provide our members with access to healthcare providers all throughout the country. Xpress Healthcare™ is not insurance! There is no undertaking by us to pay a portion of any fee for services or prescriptions purchased using our membership cards. Rather, our membership programs provide consumers with access to healthcare providers who, through their affiliations with PPOs, have agreed in advance to honor our membership cards and accept the discounted fees set by the PPOs. Our membership programs require members to pay the provider at the time of service, thereby eliminating the need to file any insurance claims. Xpress Healthcare™ members simply present their membership card to the participating provider at the time of the service to receive the discounted price. It’s that easy! In many ways, it is the perfect complement to insurance since Xpress Healthcare™ offers savings on many products and services not included under your typical insurance programs. With participating providers nationwide, each and every member has the opportunity to save 10-85% on most healthcare costs.