Electronic Protection Insurance

$10 off

One plan covers all electronic products Thousands of Eligible products Register any brand from any retailer Repair, Replace or Refund Cover past, present and future purchases Coverage never ends only $19.97 per month



The Electronics Protection Plan is the most comprehensive electronics service plan in the industry. Matrix Electronics covers ALL of your eligible electronics, such as TVs, computers, phones, tablets, blenders, gaming consoles and thousands of other items for just one low fixed monthly fee, with no long-term contract required.

  • NO LIMIT to the number of products covered
  • Coverage NEVER ends
  • Electronics purchased up to 4 years prior to your sign-up date are eligible
  • Over 10,000 nationwide service centers
  • Registering all your products takes less than 20 minutes
  • All for just $19.97 per month plus a one-time $30 Activation Fee
  • Receive a 3/2 Night Vacation only pay taxes.