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ASHDON GOLF - COMPANY PROFILE: The genesis of the Bermuda Triangle, T-180 putter dates back to 1993. It was then that Ronnie Pritchett started the wheels turning on the engineering concept that led to the birth of the Bermuda triangle putter in 1998. While watching a televised golf tournament, he noticed a well known player "yipping" the putt. He then began thinking that there must be a better way to make a putter not twist and turn so easily. Ronnie, a PGA professional and head pro at Indian Hills Country Club on Long Island, New York, started brainstorming his ideas until he came up with the unique idea of connecting the heel to the toe of the putter head with a triangle. After making his prototype and consulting with engineers, he found out that the triangle connection not only stabilized the putter during the back swing and eliminated those dreaded yips, but also improved the balance and enlarged the sweet spot! He realized then he was on to something! Ronnie, 40 years old at the time, with a wife and two young children, departed New York, and eventually ended up in San Diego, California, where his patent attorney abided. It took three years to develop, receive a patent, and attain a USGA approval. After a couple of years from that point, he was able to also achieve a trademark on the design that lasts indefinitely. While flying on an airplane in 1999 Ronnie met someone from a large well known golf company, who told him that they had tested all the putters on the market at that time to compare them to their putters, and what they found out was discouraging to them! Ronnie’s Bermuda Triangle putter actually tested #1 in engineering capabilities against all the other putters! That just encouraged Ron to keep going. After much success selling hundreds of putters during demo days at country clubs in the southern California area, Ron designed another putter with a circle on top of the putter head that also connects the heel and toe. After consulting more engineers and making a prototype, he found out a very important concept: the two strongest forms of engineering are a triangle and circle! These two geometric designs are what support and stabilize buildings and bridges. No wonder these putters work! Ronnie was very excited when he was also able to attain a patent and trademark on the circle design and get it USGA approved. This putter was named the Round-A-Bout™ G-360. After selling thousands of putters from demo days and word of mouth, many people thank Ronnie for designing a putter that actually helps them putt better and tell him that he should feel proud that he has actually revolutionized the putting market. But Ronnie just says, "God led me to this place. He put the ideas in my head and has blessed me this far. I’m very thankful." Ronnie Pritchett Ronnie Pritchett is the owner of Ashdon Golf, and inventor and manufacturer of the Bermuda Triangle Putter™ T-180 and the Round-A-Bout Putter™ G-360. The Round-A-Bout™ G-360 was named the #1 Putter by Rankmark in 2007. He holds several patents and plans to add more golf products to his company. Pritchett has worked as a golf professional and teaching pro at Indian Hills Country Club in New York, Old Westbury Golf and Country Club in New York, the prestigious High Ridge Country Club in Florida, and the exclusive Standard Country Club in Atlanta, Georgia. He has taught hundreds of golfers, including many celebrities. His more than 30 years of experience has given Pritchett the ability to analyze a putting stroke and explain to the player how to improve his golf game through changes in technique or the implementation of his own innovative practice drills. Pritchett believes that any golfer, no matter what level he is at, needs to know the basic skills to be a better player so he can lower his score.