Puppies Galore Inc.

$150 off

We sell high quality designer and pedigree puppies NO 'puppy mill" pups sold here! We offer free potty training & chewing classes for the life of the puppy.

We opened our Business Black Friday of 2006. We are open 7 days a week: Mon-Sat 10-8 and Sunday 12-6. We have become quite an astounding business. We not only sell top quality, award winning puppies and puppy supplies, but we also offer grooming at great prices. Our professional groomer is available Thursday through Saturday from 10-5. They offer discounts on your first groom even though our prices are better than most.

Puppies Galore has puppy owners in Jamaica, Canada, and all over the U.S. We do not ship these puppies from the U.S. people have flown here to purchase their puppy from us. We have had so many requests from out-of-state customers to view our puppies online and deliver or ship our puppies to them for purchase. This is why puppies galore online is now up. Now you, as a customer, can purchase puppies from our brick and mortar store, or you can come in and play with the pups in our playrooms. We also have discounted pups in the store, but not all of our dogs are online. We usually house around 35-45 puppies in the store.