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This is a WiFi hotspot you can rent. This Mobile Broadband Rental is unlimited internet you can enjoy while you travel.


What does mobile WiFi rental mean? A mobile broadband device is sent by mail; it comes ready to send wireless internet in the destination country. Once it's received, the customer takes it with them to the destination, turns it on and then they can enjoy unlimited internet. Incoming travelers to the USA can simply have it mailed to their hotel or another address provided. Up to 5 devices can be connected at the same time to use the internet. The device must be able to connect to WiFi, some of the more commonly used devices are smartphones, laptops, and datapads.

This can be used for any internet needs while traveling. Keeping friends updated on social networks about traveling. Check personal or business e-mails to keep in contact. Check online maps to get directions when looking for something. Conduct business with tools like gotomeeting, or make calls using applications like Skype. The list of ways travelers can use this goes on and on.