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CEO Shawn Pigg featured on Trust Dale

12 Mar

CEO Shawn Pigg featured on Trust Dale

Recently, Hotels Etc. CEO Shawn Pigg attended a radio
broadcast featured by Trust Dale, with well-known radio host Dale Cardwell to
help listeners save money on travel, entertainment and recreation. Trust Dale
and his staff have tested and used Hotels Etc. and decided our discounts are
deep enough to share with his listeners.

TrustDale.com, where six time Emmy Award Winning, consumer
investigative reporter Dale Caldwell applies nearly 30 years of investigative
experience to help you make sound, researched decisions about products and
services essential to your family, home, finances, business and health.

Every certified business has been stringently researched and
reviewed by Consumer Advocate Dale Cardwell and his consumer investigative
team.. TrustDale is an excellent resource for anyone looking to hold on to
their hard earned dollar and we are very pleased here at Hotels Etc to be in
good standings with TrustDale.com and to offer listeners with more ways to save
money and travel tips.

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