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12 Mar

How to find cheap hotels

 On a holiday you can be yourself, relaxed and spontaneous. Holidays should be carefree but unfortunately the price of accommodation can really take the fun out holidays. Many of us grew up with the idea that good holidays should be expensive. A cheap hotel is a bad hotel. Maybe this used to be true but not anymore. More and more people are discovering how to find cheap hotels and yet find themselves living in top class accommodation with private membership clubs such as Hotels Etc. The secret is Hotels etc. All you have to do...

12 Mar

Hotel Discounts for Nurses

This article will teach you how to get hotel discounts for nurses. If you are asking what is a discount and how to find them?  Why do companies give discounts and where is the best place to find hotel discounts for nurses. Discounts are used as a marketing tool. With this tool, it tells the shoppers that they will save money when using the discount. Discounts are a significant part of any industry. Discounts can be used for different things, such as, for introducing new products, promoting some limited discount offers or to drive revenue growth.  Why create discounts? For...

12 Mar

Teacher Discounts

BENEFITS FOR TEACHERS Teachers all over the US are working so many hours and receiving less pay than they should be. School budgets aren’t large enough to accommodate the pay that teachers should be getting for the amount of hard work they put in every year for students of all ages. To help make up for the lack of benefits teachers are receiving, HotelsEtc.com thinks it’s only fair to offer discounts for teachers in need of hotels within the US. TEACHER DISCOUNTS IN HOTELS Discounts for teachers on hotel rooms can help facilitate...

12 Mar

Hotel Discounts For FireFighters

Hotel Discounts for Firefighters Firefighters are really the super heroes because they help large number of people in critical situations by providing assistance for recovery from damages. These people are more respectful and must always be served with specialized services in shopping areas, travel as well as at other useful places such as hotel discounts for firefighters. Here we are talking about special services offered by Hotels Etc. where you will be able to enjoy private membership with amazing discounts and large number of product availability from popular industries. It provides you outstanding opportunity of receiving best discounts on...

12 Mar

Entertainment Discount Guide

Save on popular Broadway shows, amusement parks, and more! Entertainment Discount Guide   Jersey Boys October Special: $79 Orchestra Seats August Wilson Theatre From Only $57 Reg. Price: $97-167 Six Flags Fright Fest Save nationwide Nationwide Hersheypark in the Dark Save over 10% 100 Hershey Park Drive - Hershey, PA Misery Orchestra Seats from $99 Broadhurst Theatre - New York, NY From Only $69 Reg. Price: $69-147 Avenue Q Save over $30 New World Stages - New York, NY From Only $55 Reg. Price: $75.50-95.50 Fuerza Bruta Save 40% Daryl Roth Theatre - New York, NY From Only $45 Reg. Price: $75-89 Avis Save up to 25% Nationwide The Illusionists - Live on Broadway Exclusive Offer: Orchestra Seats From $81 Neil Simon Theatre - New York, NY From...

12 Mar

Top Beach Vacation Spots

No matter what season it may be, taking a beach vacation is both fun and relaxing.  There are many beaches all over the world to pick from.  You can  choose from a white sandy beach, lava rock beach, secluded beach, or a popular beach - as the choice is entirely up to you. Be sure to look for beach vacation discounts to save money on your travel expenses.    1.  Polo Beach - Hawaii The Polo Beach of Hawaii is a sandy beach with clear water, making it ideal for swimming and also snorkeling.  It's located in South Maui and...

12 Mar

7 Day vacation winner

We have a winner. After thousands of submissions we have selected a winner for our 7 day vacation giveaway. Congratulations Angela Gross! You and your family are on the way to a fun filled 7 day vacation valued at up to $3500 Please email our office at [email protected] to claim your vacation. We will need to verify your information and ship out your vacation package. Hotels Etc. will give away another vacation througout the month of July. To enter for a chance to win visit https://www.hotelsetc.com/vacation-giveaway...

12 Mar

Hotel Discount Clubs

 We live in a complicated world, and over the years even going on holiday has evolved into a fine art. These days you can’t just get onto your horse and find an inn along the road where you can spend the night as you would in bygone centuries. Accommodation is expensive and millions of travelers turn to hotel discount clubsto save money.  Today we travel great distances. Thankfully we have the internet to help us along our way. When the net came along businesses in the travel industry soon realized that they could use it to...

12 Mar

Holiday Travel

The words “holiday travel” can strike fear in the heart of even the most seasoned travelers, but traveling during holiday seasons doesn’t have to be stressful. Whether you have two or ten people that you need to get somewhere, sit back and enjoy the holidays without worrying about travel. The biggest concern most people have with holiday travel is that it is expensive. Unfortunately, the holidays are a high season for many destinations, and so prices are higher both for transport and lodging. Know what you’re getting into by planning travel routes well in advance. For drivers, interstates and highways are going...

12 Mar

Hotel Discount Card

 There are many ways to reduce costs associated with traveling, but one of the easiest ways to get better lodging rates is by having a hotel discount card. While not everyone is looking for the best deal out there, for those whose budgets require it, discount programs can be quick and affordable options. The benefits of signing up for a hotel discount card program is that you can typically use the discounts at a range of hotel options, as opposed to membership or loyalty programs that are specific to a specific chain. This allows you to shop around...