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12 Mar

Best Travel Club

  One thing is for certain in today's economy, everyone wants to save money on everything they do. Hotels Etc travel club offers members an opportunity to save on their travel, entertainment, recreation, and attractions around the globe.  There are many travel clubs on the market and a lot of them come and go, however Hotels Etc, has been around since 1996 and services over four million card carrying members. Enjoy discounted travel, hotel discounts, car rental discounts, attractions, theme parks, movie theaters, restaurants, local discounts and global discounts. ...

12 Mar

Best Restaurant discounts

Are you searching the internet for restaurant discounts or restaurant coupons? The issue with searching the public internet is that you don't know for sure if the restaurant will honor the coupon to begin with and most of the time you will come to find out the coupon has expired. Using membership clubs are the best way to get the most reliable and best restaurant discounts. Membership clubs typically have a diverse range of discounts including restaurants, travel, entertainment, recreation, attractions and more and the best part about it is you...

12 Mar

Best Discounts Online and Offline

Are you looking for the best discounts online and offline? Are you tired of looking across the net for valid coupons and then when you actually go and use them the merchant does not accept them? If you are tired of searching for the best discounts then stop searching and start joining Hotels Etc. discount club. With over 1,000,000 online and offline discounts and a mission to save, you are certain to save money and receive the best discounts. Restaurant discounts, car rentals, golf, theme parks, attractions,...

12 Mar

How to Start a Travel Club

I hear this question all the time, How to start a travel club. The answer is very difficult to explain but you have a few options. If you have enough contacts and a big network with a branded name then you can reach out to businesses on your own to get them to sign up with your program. This option is very difficult as companies regulate the discounts that they give out to membership programs and not only that plan on investing hundreds of thousands of dollars to get your...

12 Mar

Choosing the Right Membership Club

Choosing the Right Membership Club There are not to many membership clubs to select from but each club offers different forms of discounts. Some membership clubs specialize strictly in one category, i.e. http://www.condomembershipclub.com  focuses only on condo discounts. You have other membership clubs that focus on a wide variety of categories. One membership club is https://www.hotelsetc.com which offers a large variety of discounts from around the globe. Hotels Etc membership club offers over 30 different categories of discounts from all over the world and the best part is the discounts follow you. For example, if you...

12 Mar

Travel Membership Card

So what is the best travel membership card or otherwise known as a travel membership club? The great news that there not many travel clubs to choose from. Forbes recently did a article on the most expensive travel clubs on the globe and the price ranges from $129 per year all the way to $1 million per year to get a travel membership card. Unless your budget can afford the higher cost clubs it would be wise to stay within your range, which only leaves a few clubs. ...

12 Mar

Looking for Discounted Travel?

DISCOUNTED TRAVEL AND TRAVEL DISCOUNTS  Save money with discounted travel by joining a travel club. By becoming a member of the Hotels Etc travel club you will gain access to  the most exclusive travel discounts around the globe. We have a huge directory of travel and entertainment discounts that is available strictly  to Hotels Etc members only. How do you know you are getting the best travel discounts?  Travel clubs do not receive a commission for your travel bookings, therefore those discounts go to directly to the consumer. Your discounted...

12 Mar

Save with Daily Deals

Daily deals have become a part of our everyday lives.  Saving money is on the minds of every person on the globe. With our daily deal platform you will receive the most exclusive daily deals directly to your inbox. You decide whether or not the deal is something you need want and desire, if so, purchase it at a discounted price. To start receiving daily deals simply click the link below and sign up for a free 1 month membership card. Sign up for daily deals  ...

12 Mar

Golf Courses and how to save money

Can You Afford the Golf Course? Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy may not have to concern themselves with the high cost of a membership on today's Golf courses but for everyone else watching them on the television; it can be a costly way to spend their hard earned time away from the office. In fact, it is now coming to the point where many people are asking the question if they can afford to visit the golf course anymore. According to NGF surveys in recent years, the average cost for a round of...

12 Mar


Extra EXCLUSIVE Discounts Hotels Etc. can ensure customer loyalty and great business incentives by providing their members with exclusive discounts. All of the discounts are made exclusive therefore they are not available to the public. Each discount is privately negotiated to guarantee the appropriate extra savings offered to their members only. They also work with other groups known as Entertainment, condo membership, Discounts Dining Dollars and various more. Join the membership club of millions of discounts including Golf, Movie Tickets, Cruises, Dinning, Airport services, Car rentals and so much more! All the...