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12 Mar

Beach Drive Inn offers 30% discount

The Beach Drive Inn Bed & Breakfast in beautiful Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. It is a wonderful place to stay. The B&B is a historical and if you are staying in St. Petersburg with your family then this would be the nicest place to stay. As an Hotels Etc member, you will get a 30% discount from The Beach Drive Inn Bed & Breakfast. The Beach Drive Inn is believed to be built in 1910 by one of St. Petersburg's earliest and the most famous developers, Perry Snell.  Due to a fire at the county...

12 Mar

Indian Hills Taos Plaza Offers High Discount: 50% off

Indian Hills Taos is located in 233 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, Taos, NM 87571, United States and it is one of the best places for lodging. This hotel is very famous in Taos and it’s affordable for most visitors. That’s why it has been the first choice of hotels by the visitors of Taos. If you are a member of Hotels Etc then you will get a 50% discount from Indian Hills. It’s a great offer that you can’t miss. The Indian Hills Taos Plaza is widely known for location, quality, service and value. Located conveniently...

12 Mar

Join Hotels Etc membership Club and access lowest rates

Have you ever booked a hotel room only to find out after that there was a better rate than what you got? What about the price of tickets for your favorite theme park? Never again will you be cheated out of your savings. With Hotels Etc. membership club you will never have to worry about there being a better deal out there, because Hotels Etc. has the best discounts in the world. Hotels Etc. is a private membership club that offers members incredible discounts, beating all other rates on the Internet 99% of the time. Hotels...

12 Mar

How to become a Hotels Etc distributor

BECOME A DISTRIBUTOR WITH THE HELP FROM HOTEL ETC Are you planning to start a business or trying to expand the existing one? If you are new to the business field then it’s quite difficult to blend into the commercial world. Hotel Etc has the perfect idea to start your business or expand it. You can be a distributor and Hotel Etc will be happy to help you out. You may want to know what Hotel Etc does. We are the contract holder for private coupons, discount offers and savings. We have a direct link to the...

12 Mar


Want to spend a great time with your family watching majestic whales, dolphins and sea horses? Dana Wharf would be the perfect place for you to visit where you can enjoy watching Fin Whales, Humpback Whales, Killer Whales, Minke Whales, sharks, large pods of dolphin, sea lions, birds and other exciting marine life. The good news is they are offering a discount offer for their customers. If you are a Hotels Etc member then you will get up to 25% off once you redeem the offer. Dana Wharf situated in California, founded in 1971 and satisfying...

12 Mar

Why you should become a member of Hotel Etc

Do you want to save money while travelling or going somewhere with your family? No matter where you are traveling for business and pleasure, it will be always helpful if you can save a good amount of money. Cheap hotels, vacation packages, car rentals, airfare tickets aren’t cheap these days so travelers often face trouble; they tighten up their budget and as a result they enjoy a lot less than they desire. Hotels Etc has the perfect solution for you. If you become a member of our website then you will be able to access exclusive discounts,...

12 Mar


If you are interested to enjoy the beauty of the Florida Everglades and Central Florida then you should choose the Orlando Tours. They are one of the popular tour companies around and you will be excited to know that Orlando Tours have offered discounts for their customers. They have a package of tour titled as A Ultimate Air-Boat Tours where they will take you to the Florida Everglades and Central Florida on an air-boat. The discount offer is applicable for this package. Only Hotels Etc member will get 20% off. In the tour, you will join with Captain...