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12 Mar

Las Vegas Shows

  Las Vegas Shows, discounts, and coupons. Exclusive Offer: $70 off Blue Man Group, up to $78 off V the Ultimate & More        Britney Spears: Piece of Me Buy now: Prices from $98.25 Las Vegas, NV  Planet Hollywood The AXIS From Only $98.25 Reg. Price:$149.25 - $150.25     Mystèreâ by Cirque du Soleil® Save up to $45 Las Vegas, NV – Treasure Island Mystere Theatre From Only $64.40 Reg. $104.45 - $141.85     Evil Dead The Musical 4D Save over 50% Las Vegas, NV – V Theater Miracle Mile Planet Hollywood From Only $19.00 Reg. Price: $40.68 - $51.68       Le Rêve - The Dream Exclusive Offer: Save $22 on Premium Seating! Las Vegas, NV...

12 Mar

Vacations: Spend less, save more

Vacations: Spend Less, Save More There's an old saying that “you get what you pay for” and many travel companies will be the first to inform their customers with such statements when it comes to choosing the right vacation. But what if this wasn't exactly true? What if you could have the highest quality vacation at an affordable price? In a time when there has never been as much competition for business or as many options to choose from; being able to afford the best quality vacation is not so much about having thousands of dollars but...

12 Mar

Southern Airways Express Joins Hotels Etc

Hotels Etc. is pleased to announce that we have added Southern Airways Express to our list of discount providers! This is an excellent opportunity to use hassle free airfare with a much lower passenger number and more convenient wait times with a company dedicated to bringing you nothing but the best flying experience possible. Southern Airways Express is a Memphis-based air transportation company. They serve eight cities in the Southern United States including Chattanooga, Jackson, New Orleans, Atlanta, Knoxville, and Oxford, with hubs in Memphis and Destin. Destin as always will be a hot spot this summer for...

12 Mar

Travel Club Membership; How to afford your next vacation

Travel club membership; How to afford your next vacation   Thanks to the online world and travel club membership, finding and booking your dream vacation has never been easier but quite often, high costs can bring about a swift end to whatever travel arrangements you had in mind. Thankfully there are a few important factors which help people tap into high quality, low cost vacations, especially for those who are savvy enough to plan ahead of time. Most of it comes down to common sense but these simple steps are really all that is needed for a...

12 Mar

2015 Hotel Discounts

Attention: To locate these deep hotel discounts simply log into your members area and use the red booking engine. If you are not a member of Hotels Etc. we encourage you to join today so you can enjoy the same type of savings. ...

12 Mar

How to find movie theater discounts

Have you ever wondered why movie prices are always so high? Have you ever searched for a good discount on movies besides a matinee and found them to be few, far between, or falling short of a significant bargain? What most of us do not know is that for the first month or two of screening, money from ticket sales goes directly to movie studios. Theaters rely on concession stands to make the majority of their profit. That’s why concessions and services bring with them such a hefty price tag. Popcorn costs almost nothing to make. This...

12 Mar

Discount Hotels

Did you know that booking your accommodation earlier can give you more savings and discounts—even with the best hotels in town? This discount hotels are offering their clients is one of the many reasons why more and more travelers are planning their travels so much ahead of time. In fact, there are some hotels, life example the Hotel ETC that are offering promos and other discounts to early birds or those who book their reservations days or even months before their actual stay. Matter of fact Hotels Etc. allows you to book way in advance or the...

12 Mar

Employee Incentive Program

Employee Incentive Program Every company either big or small business has their own building blocks for employees’ motivation. By increasing the productivity of their firm, workforce and manpower were increased through the incentives that they offer to their employee. This can be in cash or non-cash form in order to recognize or reward their employee for their hard work and quality performance. Logically speaking, the extra effort that the employees exert to get an incentive is a great benefit for the company to increase their sales and marketing productivity. In order for...