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29 Mar

Hotels Etc is the Deep Discount leader in Travel Industry

The Deep Discount leader in Travel Industry LOGANVILLE, GA/EWORLDWIRE/Aug. 27, 2007 --- With the recent purchase of Hotels Etc., Travel Membership Club announces a revolutionary new deep discount program for its Travel Club members. Effective immediately, major discounts apply on hotels, airfare, car rentals, cruises, restaurants, condo rentals, and other primary travel venues. For a one-time nominal fee, members enjoy lifetime membership valid 365 days a year, with absolutely no usage limitations. This amazing new travel discount program is a first of its kind for the travel industry. Unlike other travel industry...

29 Mar

Golfers Hit Hard By Price Hikes Turn To Hotels Etc. For Deep Discounts

Golfers Hit Hard By Price Hikes Turn To Hotels Etc. For Deep Discounts Loganville, GA/Dec. 6, 2007---Golfers are faced with more expensive greens fees every year at their favorite golf courses. High prices at the golf course can cause golf enthusiasts to cut back on their playing. Other golfers stick to the less expensive courses rather than frequenting their favorite locations. Hotels Etc. has the answer to rising golf prices. Hotels Etc., offers a lifetime gold card travel membership. It comes at a very low price, and allows golfers to save up...

29 Mar

Start Your Business is The Easy Solution to Unemployment

Easy solution to unemployment is to start your business Loganville, GA/April 6, 2010---"In today's economy you will need to buy your next job, not apply for it," says Hotels, Etc. CEO Shawn Pigg. It's sad but true. Even with the slow upturn in today's economy thousands are still struggling to deal with the loss of their jobs due to downsizing and outsourcing. Families are struggling to pay their bills and keep food on the table. Hotels, Etc. is offering them a second chance at financial freedom by becoming an independent distributor with...

29 Mar

Best Lodging Industry Entry to Millions of Deal Seekers

Hotels Etc. Offers Lodging Industry Entry to Millions of Deal Seekers Loganville, GA- Hotel owners abide by a simple rule of thumb, the more heads in beds, the more likely they are to turn a profit. The problem is, with the Great Recession continuing to linger, it has become increasingly harder to acquire more guests each night without overspending on advertising, or giving away the farm on one-off promotional deals. Enter Hotels, Etc. a 15-year-old company specializing in offering private discounts on lodging, cruises, food, and retail to its ever-expanding membership base. “We...

29 Mar

How to Save Money on Travel and Entertainment

How to Save Money on Travel and Entertainment LOGANVILLE, GA/May 18, 2010 --- In today's economic climate, many people believe that traveling is no longer a luxury they can afford? However, just because budgets are a bit tighter in recent years is no reason for vacation time to have to be spent at home. What some savvy consumers are realizing is that there are certain membership clubs which can provide invaluable discounts on all types of travel expenses, so that anyone can enjoy a luxury vacation regardless of their budget situation....

29 Mar

Find The Best Online Internet Rates With Hotels Etc

Hotels Etc. Beats Best Online Internet Rates Loganville, Georgia USA, July 1, 2013 – Hotels Etc proudly announced today their new business platform, the Travel and Entertainment Discount Club. Hotels Etc. has been consistent, since 1996, in bringing satisfaction and joy to its members by offering a broad array of travel and entertainment discounts. In line to its precedence – service par excellence, therefore, launches its Travel and Entertainment Discount Club, a private membership club of Hotels Etc who aims to negotiate and secure the most sought after discounts on the globe. "Hotels Etc has been working...

29 Mar

Looking For The best Discounts on All Your Travel Expenses

Hotels Etc. - The best discounts on all your travel expenses! Bedecked with one-of-its-kind status for being the most sought after company in the travel business offering the best discounts and offers, Hotels Etc is a travel club that sells distinctive membership card to make your experience with them even better and superior. Georgia, United States (October 28, 2013) — Hotels Etc. is a motivated company to bring you the best discounts and offers relating to all your travel and entertainment requirements and needs. As the name may suggest, Hotels Etc. does not...

29 Mar

Looking for the Lowest Hotel and Travel Rates on the Internet

Hotels Etc Offers the Lowest Hotel and Travel Rates on the Internet Hotels Etc Offers the Lowest Hotel and Travel Rates on the Internet Hotels Etc, a reputable discount membership club, offers the lowest hotel and travel rates on the internet. Being a travel club, the company is providing private member only discounts to their members. Hotels Etc is also offering different programs and plans to its members intended to help clients save money. When it comes to travel and hotel rates, Hotels Etc has a lot to offer. Hotels Etc is not...

29 Mar

Best Public Booking Portal Rates | Online Best Rates

Hotels Etc. now Beats Best Available Rates of all Public Booking Portals They are bringing lowest hotel rates on the globe beating Expedia, Orbitz, Kayake, Hotels.com and other public booking portals. Available rates are 9 to 10 times less than other leading portals. Loganville, GA, PRWEB, Wednesday, December 18, 2013: Hotels Etc, the online membership club for public bookings, now beats Best Available Rates (BAR) of all leading portals. They are bringing lowest hotel rates beating industry leaders like Expedia, Orbitz, Kayake and Hotels.com. According to the comparison rates listed in Hotels Etc.'s website, their...

29 Mar

Best Hotel Discounts Provided by Hotels Etc

Hotels Etc Announces the Best Hotel Discounts FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Company: Hotels Etc, Inc, Contact: Address: Loganville, GA 30052 Phone: 1-877-967-SAV Local Phone: 678-528-7966 Fax: 1-866-461-5637 Website:  https://www.hotelsetc.com/ Email: [email protected]  Hotels Etc Announces the Best Hotel Discounts Hotel Etc. announces the best hotel discounts online. The company beats all the public rates offered by other hotels online. They have added over 1,000,000 online and offline discounts to offer to all members who have already received access to the hotel. As the spring break is already approaching, Hotel Etc anticipates that there will be more travelers looking for affordable accommodation. Most travelers choose hotels that offer accommodations for discounted...