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12 Mar

Hotel Discount Clubs

 We live in a complicated world, and over the years even going on holiday has evolved into a fine art. These days you can’t just get onto your horse and find an inn along the road where you can spend the night as you would in bygone centuries. Accommodation is expensive and millions of travelers turn to hotel discount clubsto save money.  Today we travel great distances. Thankfully we have the internet to help us along our way. When the net came along businesses in the travel industry soon realized that they could use it to...

12 Mar

Holiday Travel

The words “holiday travel” can strike fear in the heart of even the most seasoned travelers, but traveling during holiday seasons doesn’t have to be stressful. Whether you have two or ten people that you need to get somewhere, sit back and enjoy the holidays without worrying about travel. The biggest concern most people have with holiday travel is that it is expensive. Unfortunately, the holidays are a high season for many destinations, and so prices are higher both for transport and lodging. Know what you’re getting into by planning travel routes well in advance. For drivers, interstates and highways are going...

12 Mar

Hotel Discount Card

 There are many ways to reduce costs associated with traveling, but one of the easiest ways to get better lodging rates is by having a hotel discount card. While not everyone is looking for the best deal out there, for those whose budgets require it, discount programs can be quick and affordable options. The benefits of signing up for a hotel discount card program is that you can typically use the discounts at a range of hotel options, as opposed to membership or loyalty programs that are specific to a specific chain. This allows you to shop around...

12 Mar

Hotels Etc. is the travel club for you

The availability of travel locally and around the world has increased greatly in recent times. A main limiting factor to travel comes in the way of financing. Discounts are often difficult to find as an individual, unless you have a long standing relationship with certain vendors. You need a liaison such as a travel club to find and implement deals. Travel clubs bring all of your travel needs into an affordable package. One site, www.hotelsetc.com, takes savings even further by working with vendors to bring you discounted entertainment as well. ...

12 Mar

The Travel World is Changing

Travel Deals: The Time That Changed The Travel World There was a time when a Membership club was not just the best way, but the only way to get discounts when it came to travel or most other services. Travel agents and the online world managed to change all of that for two decades but the recent introduction of “rate parity laws” has resulted in a complete reversal of this trend. Unfortunately most people do not even realize this has happened and if they did, they...

12 Mar

Vacation Discounts

If there is one thing that can take the fun out of a holiday it is the cost. The price of accommodation can really sting especially after traveling to your chosen destination has already cost you an arm and a leg. Advertisements for vacation discounts are easy to find but more often than not, the savings are so small that they are not worth it. If you have been searching for vacation discounts then this is a must read article. To really save on a holiday, you need the help of a company who can pack...

12 Mar

Travel Membership: History Repeats itself thanks to parity rates

Travel Membership: History repeats itself thanks to parity rates Think you're receiving a great deal, the biggest discount or the best price? Think again. The Travel Market is going through some major changes which seem to be going unnoticed by the masses and it's about time the consumer was informed as to what exactly is going on. Membership clubs might seem like a thing of the past which is true, they were hugely popular in the 1970's, but they are also the future and lets us explain quickly as to why these...

12 Mar

Travel Discount

Traveling is a necessity of life for many. Some people travel for business and others to get to a holiday destination. Unfortunately, traveling can bite deep into your wallet. In order to make it really affordable you need to find the best travel discount available. When planning your trip you are probably going to search around for discounted hotel prices and will find many sites promising huge discounts. The fact is that just searching for on the net is not really the solution. When you walk around in nature, you know that there may be valuable gems...

12 Mar

How to travel long term and make savings

How to travel long term and make savings Does you your job involve traveling across the United States? Or maybe you plan on this type of travel for your next vacation? Regardless, have you ever wondered how much savings you could have made on these long term travels or how much further your cash could go on your next trip? How to travel long term Whether you travel for business or pleasure there is nothing better than finding a bargain or being focused on getting the best price but this mindset is also needed to make savings...

12 Mar

How to find discount hotels

It is the beginning of the year. Business is picking up. It is time to evaluate where your company is placed in terms of performance. Now is the time to break out and take the world of business by storm. In order to do that you need a team committed to their goal. Team building exercises can achieve wonders in doing this. The business owner who knows how to find discount hotel rates should have no problem arranging his team building exercises at a very reasonable rate. Of course the secret...