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12 Mar

How to find the best cruise discounts online

How To Find The Best Cruise Discounts Online If you are thinking of going on a cruise package anytime in the near future, it's likely you have already scanned a few of the large branded booking engines already or possible even dropped into a Travel agency to inquire about brochures. There is no harm in doing your research but if you are looking for the best cruise package or the biggest cruise discounts, you may very well have been looking in the wrong place. Travel agencies vs.Online Bookings When it comes to booking a cruise in particular, even...

12 Mar

How to save money with Hotels Etc.

How to Save Money with Hotels Etc. Ask yourself a question but then realize, the very fact that you do, will end up saving you a huge amount of hard earned money for as long as the internet exists. When was the last time you booked directly with a hotel? Not with a booking engine such as Booking.com, Orbitz or Expedia but with the hotel website itself? Truth is, most people cannot remember because this has not been common practice for the past decade or more. In reality, when we are travelling somewhere new, most customers...

12 Mar

Using a Credit Card to Save Money on Traveling

Using A Credit Card To Save Money While Traveling Saving money and traveling don't seem to be a likely pair, but the two can go hand-in-hand quite nicely. Perhaps traveling is not a way to save money in the traditional sense, but it is possible to save money while traveling. The use of a credit card when traveling makes saving money much easier. How you use your card, what you use it on and even what card you are using will all play a role in how much you can save on your next vacation. Many...

12 Mar

Affordable Travel Club: Then and Now

The affordable travel club: Then and now The travel industry is changing fast and you need only look at the immense competition online in terms of booking engines, suppliers and agencies offering the latest special offers to see how frantic it really is. However, for anyone in the know, the landscape in travel is changing yet again and a new law has meant that the process in finding the best deals have disappeared with the re-emergence of the ultra affordable travel club. When thinking about the best way to save money on a vacation, in...

12 Mar

How to save money for your next vacation

It's sad that to see that in a time when travel, vacations and far away places have never been more accessible, many families and couples in particular are still unable to take the vacation of their dreams. It's sad because it really is possible for just about anyone to take these trips, provided they learn to get the most out of their hard earned cash. Here are the three simple steps which outline exactly how to save money for your next vacation. Spend Less, Save More It sounds simple but it's true. Spending money unnecessarily is usually the...

12 Mar

Say Good Bye to Hotel Discounts

Urgent Travel News! The screen shot was taken today to explain to consumers that Hotels and Online travel agents like Expedia, hotels.com, Travelocity and etc. CAN'T give you a discount on hotels or travel reservations. Everyone has to be equal to or greater than the parity rates. In this example you will notice that some of the OTA's are charging higher prices then the parity rate. This reason for this is because they are trying to increase revenue with repeated loyal customers. They understand that most consumers book at the same site all the time and do...

12 Mar

Vacations: How to Spend less, save more

Vacations: Spend Less, Save More There's an old saying that “you get what you pay for” and many travel companies will be the first to inform their customers with such statements when it comes to choosing the right vacation. But what if this wasn't exactly true? What if you could have the highest quality vacation at an affordable price? Using sites like hotels .com will not give you any discounts. In a time when there has never been as much competition for business or as many options to choose from; being able to afford the best quality...

12 Mar

How to Afford Trip Across US

How To Afford A Trip Across The US Adventure is Everywhere Naturally we travel to find new experiences. To get away from the humdrum of conventional life and take a break from the routine but understand this; travel and adventure, are not far away places. There doesn't need to be a Boeing aircraft involved or days spent trying to reach an exotic part of the world. The very essence of travel or adventure simply involves going somewhere or doing something new and these opportunities are...