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12 Mar

How to add my business

Listing your business within Hotels Etc is actually very simple and the process to add your business only takes 5 minutes or less. To list your business within Hotels Etc you will need to agree to our terms and conditions which includes but not limited to you providing our members a discount that is not available to the general public. After you submit your business to our directory our research staff will research your listing and confirm the validity of the submission. Once your submission is approved then our quality control...

12 Mar

Save with Daily Deals

Daily deals have become a part of our everyday lives.  Saving money is on the minds of every person on the globe. With our daily deal platform you will receive the most exclusive daily deals directly to your inbox. You decide whether or not the deal is something you need want and desire, if so, purchase it at a discounted price. To start receiving daily deals simply click the link below and sign up for a free 1 month membership card. Sign up for daily deals  ...

12 Mar

Start Your Own Home Business

Looking for the right business opportunity? Need to make extra money? Then you came to the right place. Starting a home business is now easier than ever, thanks to Hotels Etc. business opportunity. Start your own travel club, merge our product with yours, or even use our product as an incentive within your organization. No matter which way you want to use our program, Hotels Etc. is there to help you every step of the way. By starting your own business with us, you will a piece of mind knowing  you have...

12 Mar

How do travel clubs work?

How do travel clubs work? Travel clubs are only available to members and can range anywhere from $100 to $1,000,000 per membership card. Some travel clubs even require annual dues or fees to continue enrollment. Read what Forbes had to say about some of the most expensive travel clubs on the glove are. http://www.forbes.com/2005/09/01/luxury-travel-clubs-cx_sb_0901feat_ls.html The most important thing to remember is in today’s economy, everyone needs to save and if the process is easy enough then it does not matter if you saved $1 or $1000, savings is saving!? If you are looking to join a travel...

12 Mar

What is the best travel club?

What is the best travel club? With all the travel clubs to choose from, my question is what is the best travel club for you? When considering a travel club, you might want to consider the upper management, quality control, customer service and discount partners. What type of discount partners do they have? How far do their discounts stretch? Are they only North America discounts, or global? One of the most important things to consider is the cost to join and the cost to renew. We have seen membership clubs with enrolment fees being 10’s of thousands of dollars...

12 Mar

So many coupons, so little time

 70,000 North America Restaurants                         Exclusive coupons brought to you by Entertainment and Hotels Etc.'s NEW program "Discount Dining Dollars". As you browse discounts for B.O.G.O or up to 50% off of the most popular restaurants you will also find shopping and additional entertainment coupons as well. These discounts can only be used and accessed by our members exclusively. These coupons are helpful not only for local places but places spread across throughout of North America! Simply enter desired zip code or city of your choice print off the redemption and it will automatically deduct the amount from...

12 Mar

New 2012 Fundraising Packages Now Available

    ??????? Hotels Etc., Inc New 2012 distributor packages now available! We are excited to announce our new 2012 fundraising packages. In today's economy we all need to find ways to come together and support our local schools, churches, and youth organizations such as baseball,football, cheer leading, basketball, soccer, girls scouts, boys scouts, special ed and etc. That is why we have created our new packages and they are now available.? Start your own fundraising, expand your current fundraiser, and help non-profit companies raise funds. ? To learn more about our newest packages including the new fundraising sites...

12 Mar

Just a note about Travel Clubs

Travel clubs and membership clubs are a sure way to save money if you are with the right organization. There are several companies out there that say they have private negotiated discounts but once you join the program you discover the discounts are no different than what is available on Google. Hotels Etc travel club only offers private negotiated discounts.  Our discounts on not available to the general public and if we find out they are then we delete them from our database.  We are not in business to take a yearly renewal fee or to...

12 Mar

Hotels Etc conference call

  #aweber_rem {}   Hotels Etc. Conference Call Conference Call We are excited to announce our first conference call for 2012. This conference call will be conducted by CEO Shawn Pigg and will provide insights on the companies history and goals. The conference call will also explain how you too can tap into this multi-billion dollar industry with a product that everyone wants, needs and desires! Our conference line only holds 1000 attendees, be sure to get on a few minutes early to secure your spot and be prepared to be blown away!   When:  Thursday, Jan 26, 2012 Time:  8:00...

12 Mar

Start your own business

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