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12 Mar

Travel Membership Card

So what is the best travel membership card or otherwise known as a travel membership club? The great news that there not many travel clubs to choose from. Forbes recently did a article on the most expensive travel clubs on the globe and the price ranges from $129 per year all the way to $1 million per year to get a travel membership card. Unless your budget can afford the higher cost clubs it would be wise to stay within your range, which only leaves a few clubs. ...

12 Mar

Looking for Discounted Travel?

DISCOUNTED TRAVEL AND TRAVEL DISCOUNTS  Save money with discounted travel by joining a travel club. By becoming a member of the Hotels Etc travel club you will gain access to  the most exclusive travel discounts around the globe. We have a huge directory of travel and entertainment discounts that is available strictly  to Hotels Etc members only. How do you know you are getting the best travel discounts?  Travel clubs do not receive a commission for your travel bookings, therefore those discounts go to directly to the consumer. Your discounted...

12 Mar

How to Join a Membership Club

Membership Club When it comes to membership clubs you really have to do your research. A lot of membership clubs offer the same discounts as online or very limited discounts for you to choose from. There are a few membership clubs out there that you can select from but most of them are re-sellers of other larger networks of membership clubs. For example, Hotels Etc membership club owns their discounts and controls their discounts so you always know who is behind the scenes. When choosing the right membership club you want to pay special attention to...

12 Mar

Entertainment.com files bankruptcy

Did you hear the news? Entertainment.com filed chapter 7 Bankruptcy and closed the doors? Wow, what shocking news but good for other businesses. You may not know this but Entertainment.com supplies thousands of schools with fundraisers and now Entertainment.com files bankruptcy.   Over 500 employees were sent home yesterday and the main office in Troy, Michigan was closed down for good. Typically a Chapter 7 means the company will not maintain operations and are closing the doors. Apparently the investor and the person running the company got into a dispute and decided yesterday to file...

12 Mar

Golf Courses and how to save money

Can You Afford the Golf Course? Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy may not have to concern themselves with the high cost of a membership on today's Golf courses but for everyone else watching them on the television; it can be a costly way to spend their hard earned time away from the office. In fact, it is now coming to the point where many people are asking the question if they can afford to visit the golf course anymore. According to NGF surveys in recent years, the average cost for a round of...

12 Mar


Extra EXCLUSIVE Discounts Hotels Etc. can ensure customer loyalty and great business incentives by providing their members with exclusive discounts. All of the discounts are made exclusive therefore they are not available to the public. Each discount is privately negotiated to guarantee the appropriate extra savings offered to their members only. They also work with other groups known as Entertainment, condo membership, Discounts Dining Dollars and various more. Join the membership club of millions of discounts including Golf, Movie Tickets, Cruises, Dinning, Airport services, Car rentals and so much more! All the...

12 Mar

What is Hotels Etc?

 Hello, and welcome to Hotels Etc travel club where saving money just got easier. Hotels Etc is the world’s premier online and offline travel club membership that will help you save money 365 days per year for the rest of your life with no renewal fees or annual dues, EVER! Members of Hotels Etc travel club have access to over 1,000,000 online and offline discounts including 450,000 brick and mortar locations in 141 countries all broken down into 25 categories including Hotels, Restaurants, Golf, vacation, Theme Parks, recreation, Attractions, Tickets, Events, tours, golf and much more. . OUR...

12 Mar

Discount Condos

AMAZING DISCOUNTS ON CONDOS NEW condo database that offers 40-70% off. View the live screenshot below to see discounts first hand. visit condo membership club, returning members log in and new member register!!!! ?...

12 Mar

View Hotels Etc Travel Club Discount Directory

Now you can view the Hotels Etc discount directory. Members of Hotels Etc travel club has access to over 1,000,000 online and offline discounts. When you Join Hotels Etc you will receive your own membership card to gain access to our private discounts. Save money on travel, entertainment and recreation. Join Hotels Etc travel club by visiting www. hotelsetc.com/join_now Stop searching the internet for discounts. Join Hotels Etc. today and have unlimited access for 365 days per year. Stop paying full price and join Hotels Etc Travel Club....