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12 Mar

How to get hotel discounts in Vega

Hotel prices can vary significantly, even at the same hotel. Based on when you book and what kind of discounts you can get, the prices vary. Accommodation is one of the most important things to book in advance when you are about to embark on a vacation. When planning for a trip, it would be wise to find a hotel that suits to your need and your budget. Prior to booking, however, you must be sure that the hotel rates and facilities are worth your money. The problem is, when...

12 Mar

Tips on Planning your Holiday

TIPS ON PLANNING YOUR HOLIDAY Holidays and vacations are probably the best part of our lives. They are regularly occurring bright milestones that we look forward to. In order to get the most out of these precious bubbles of time, we need to plan them well. Here are some useful tips to help you with the task. Start early.Several months ahead. The more time you have for planning the better. Sit down with all the people that are joining you for the trip. Take into account their wishes and needs. The bigger the group the more...

12 Mar

rate parity

Knowing Rate Parity and What You can do About It The term rate parity might be a stranger to some people, but for those wanting to delve into the world of hotel management, rate parity is something that those interested in managing hotels should know. For today’s article, we are going to talk about parity rate and what is rate parity in general. What is the best short explanation to rare parity? To put it in the simplest form, rate parity is a parity a rate. For those working not as an accommodation provider, this is a very strange word, but if...

12 Mar

How to travel for less

Is the high cost of travel preventing you from seeing the world? With some adjustments, the price of traveling abroad can be much cheaper than you can imagine.  One common practice among young backpackers and more experienced travelers alike is traveling the world on a small budget. There are so many diverse ways to cut down your spending without compromising your travel experience. Many people find budget traveling preferable compared to luxury travel because of its way of bringing you closer to the local culture. Unlike hopping on a Mediterranean cruise ship or staying at a fancy...

12 Mar

How to get Wyndham Discounts

How to Get Wyndham Discounts Keep in mind, as you read the travel tips below, you might want to consider joining Hotels Etc. membership club to get a guaranteed 20% off Wyndham hotels with your membership. The Wyndham Hotel Group has a rewards loyalty program that allows you to earn points by booking hotels in order to win free nights at hotels. Many online sites offer coupon codes and discounts on Wyndham bookings. The best...

12 Mar

September entertainment discounts

  Some of our special pics for September      SEPTEMBER 2017    MICKEY'S NOT SO SCARY HALLOWEEN PARTY SAVE OVER 20% Orlando, FL Only $69 Reg. Price: $87     FROZEN THE BROADWAY MUSICAL GET ACCESS TO TICKETS New York, NY - St. James Theatre From Only $93     UNIVERSAL ORLANDO RESORT BUY 2 DAYS - GET 2 DAYS FREE Orlando, FL Only $262 Reg. Price: $367     SEAWORLD® SAN ANTONIO SAVE OVER 35% ON A SEAWORLD & AQUATICA FLEX TICKET San Antonio, TX Only $52.99 Reg. Price: $86     BILTMORE ESTATE BUY TICKETS NOW AND SAVE OVER 20% Asheville, NC From Only $50 Reg. Price: $54 - $80     KURIOS BY CIRQUE DU SOLEIL SAVE OVER 30% ON SELECT SEATS Portland, OR - Portland Metropolitan Exposition Center Only $29 Reg. Price: $34 -...

12 Mar

How to get movie discounts

Watching your favorite new movies in the theatre is an amazing experience especially if you are a cinephile. Every weekend new movies are getting released of different genres and categories. But going to the movies is not a cheap habit. Anyone who goes to see movies in cinema knows that movie ticket prices are always inflated. Movie theatres are notorious for overpricing tickets and stuff like the concession stand items. While we cannot help you with expensive candies, we can give you tips and advice on how to get affordable movie tickets. We will list a few...

12 Mar

Trip Beat Endless vacation rentals discounts

Trip Beat Discounts Tell us the one thing people love the most? Make a guess. Its discounts, packages, sales, right? It’s always one of these things. Don’t we just love it when we have to pay less? Of course we do. Whether it’s a discount on makeup, gadgets, clothes, appliances or vacations. Every kind of discount is more than welcome in our lives. We understand how there is so much wait for these kind of offers. And honestly who wouldn’t want these? It’s like one of our dreams coming true. Talking about discounts, we know you...

12 Mar

Save more than 50% off with these hand pick deals

      There's no time like the present ?   Enjoy this week's hand picked hotel deals Simply pick, click, book & pack Da Vinci Villa San Francisco $239/nightwas $286   Washington Court Hotel Washington D.C. $122/nightwas $189     Boston Park Plaza Boston ? $192/nightwas $280   Innisbrook Resort & Golf Club Clearwater ? $116/nightwas $173     Andaz Maui at Wailea Maui $361/nightwas $559   Nativo Lodge Albuquerque $52/nightwas $92          ...