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12 Mar

How to get Restaurant Discounts

Restaurant discounts If you love to eat at restaurants, then you would know that dining out is pretty costly these days and for going out at popular joints or fine dining places can be even more expensive. By doing a little bit of research, you will be able to get good restaurant deals which will make you save a lot of money. Let’s see the ways of savoring meals at your favorite restaurants with it giving a bit less pinch to your pocket. * Gift cards- there are various website such as Groupon and restaurant.com offer...

12 Mar

How to get the best hotel discount

How to get the best hotel discounts: Watch this video to show you how to get the best hotel discounts. If you are like most travelers you prepare for your vacation months or years in advance in order to get the best hotel discounts and you probably spent countless hours on the internet searching for the best rates. Members of Hotels Etc. not only saves a tremendous amount of money but save a lot of time because we take the guess work out of...

12 Mar

How to get the best hotel discounts

Hotel Discounts For every person who wants to go for a personal travel or if you are a business travel planner, it’s always desirable to get good hotel discounts for a hotel stay. Also during the day, it’s possible to have rate cuts. Hotel discounts cannot come by accident but you have to do enough research for you to get good discounts on hotels unless you are part of a membership club. You just have to be a savvy customer and few smart tips while reserving hotels, you’ll get to stay in pretty decent hotels at...

12 Mar

Facebook Contest

FACEBOOK CONTEST, Let’s start 2015 off right by giving one lucky person a free Hotels Etc. annual membership card. To enter the contest simply visit the link below and either share, like or comment on the post. We will select one lucky person on Jan 30th2015 to receive a FREE Hotels Etc., annual membership card. The winner will be contacted via Facebook and will have to provide our shipping department your mailing address at which point we will ship your FREE membership package. GOOD LUCK! CLICK HERE  https://www.facebook.com/hotelsetc/photos/a.10150282420368083.388119.300795718082/10153128901063083/?type=1    ...

12 Mar

Tips to receive the best hotel discounts

How to find the best hotel discounts As any extended holiday weekend approaches, we would be all about finding the best hotel rates and if we are able to get any discounts, then we count ourselves lucky. Staying at 5-star hotels is a huge hole in the pocket as you need to shell out money for literally everything that you do in the room. Finding a hotel room on any budget is a tedious task and needs a lot of research. Hotels can add up to large sums which you sometimes cannot control. Here are...

12 Mar

Enter to win an 8 night vacation

Enter to win a vacation!  We will be giving away an 8 night vacation to one lucky person. See rules below Any person that visits the link below and enter their email will be entered into a drawing to receive a 8 night vacation at no charge to you. That’s right! No charge to you at all. Hotels Etc. will even pay the taxes on the vacation. The only thing you are required to do is pay for transportation and food, your hotel/resort stay will be paid in full. Do I have your attention now? Great, let me...

12 Mar

How to get the best travel deals

How to get the best travel deals When you’re up for a holiday to get away from your busy life to the location which you’ve dreamt off, the single most annoying thing is the hole that it leaves in your pocket. Finding the best flight deals are pretty easy as you can go for a flight bookings website and get the best deals. The problem comes when you are booking hotels. Hotels seem to be very expensive and around any holidays, the prices are exorbitantly high. The biggest issue is you do not really know if...

12 Mar

Hotels Etc, will help you exceed your fundraising goals

Everyday companies are selling millions of products through fundraising and at the same time generating billions of dollars along the way. Non-profit companies such as, youth organizations, charitable fundraisers, churches, cancer societies, health groups and several other types of organizations are raising money year after year by simply running fundraisers. However each year the struggle continues by trying to find the right product to raise the amount of money they need. Most fundraisers typically resort to wrapping paper, cookies, donuts, stationary, or local fundraising cards. View our amazing global discount card. https://www.hotelsetc.com/fundraiser The biggest issue with local...

12 Mar

Disney Park Hopper Offers Discount: 30% Off

Visiting one theme park isn’t enough? Park Hooper is going to give you the opportunity to visit four Disneyland theme parks in one day. Park Hooper will take you to four great Disneyland theme parks: Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom. If you buy this package from Hotels Etc, then you will have the chance to get a 30% discount. You will visit these theme parks by Walt Disney World Transportation. It will be a great trip for you and your family. Four theme parks have different attractions so you will definitely enjoy...

12 Mar

Why Employee Incentives and Benefits Are Important: Hotels Etc Incentive Program

The incentive is given to the employees so that they become motivated and you can expect better performance from them. In modern days, you have to satisfy your employees in order to get the very best from them. Employee incentives encourage them to work harder and as a result you will able to utilize them more effectively. So the incentive programs are getting important day by day. There are different types of incentive: employees, customers, sales, point program, dealers or channels and many more. As a businessman, you always have to keep an eye on your workers; you...