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12 Mar

How to find movie theater discounts

Have you ever wondered why movie prices are always so high? Have you ever searched for a good discount on movies besides a matinee and found them to be few, far between, or falling short of a significant bargain? What most of us do not know is that for the first month or two of screening, money from ticket sales goes directly to movie studios. Theaters rely on concession stands to make the majority of their profit. That’s why concessions and services bring with them such a hefty price tag. Popcorn costs almost nothing to make. This...

12 Mar

Discount Hotels

Did you know that booking your accommodation earlier can give you more savings and discounts—even with the best hotels in town? This discount hotels are offering their clients is one of the many reasons why more and more travelers are planning their travels so much ahead of time. In fact, there are some hotels, life example the Hotel ETC that are offering promos and other discounts to early birds or those who book their reservations days or even months before their actual stay. Matter of fact Hotels Etc. allows you to book way in advance or the...

12 Mar

Employee Incentive Program

Employee Incentive Program Every company either big or small business has their own building blocks for employees’ motivation. By increasing the productivity of their firm, workforce and manpower were increased through the incentives that they offer to their employee. This can be in cash or non-cash form in order to recognize or reward their employee for their hard work and quality performance. Logically speaking, the extra effort that the employees exert to get an incentive is a great benefit for the company to increase their sales and marketing productivity. In order for...

12 Mar

Discount Code for Hotels

Discount Codes for Hotels When it comes to travelling, hotel costs are usually a big part of your budget. Finding ways to save money by getting a discounted rate at from a hotel can save you a considerable amount of money. A discount code is basically a coupon that comes from the company which offers a reduced rate for a hotel stay. They are used as promotional items to encourage you to stay at their hotels so that you’ll become a repeat customer. Discount codes are an important part of the hotel industry....

12 Mar

Las Vegas Hotel Discounts

Las Vegas Hotels ______________________________ Enjoying my time in Las Vegas was made even more fun because of my experience in the travel clubs and hotels of Vegas. Holidaying in Las Vegas is a dream for many. While the gambling side of Vegas has made it popular with tourists the world over, the city is also a haven for shopping and fine dining. Not to mention the night life; this is unparalleled for its originality and energy. It is not for nothing that Las Vegas calls itself “The Entertainment Capital of the World”. Its hotels are unlike any...

12 Mar

Discount Hotel Sites

Discount Hotel Sites As spring season break approaches, most travelers are scouring the website internet for getaway warm weather and ski trip to replenish and have an enjoyment in their life. if you are one of those people who wants to travel and spend their vacation somewhere else ,hotel where you can stay is the first things that you have to secure so that your vacation become more exceptional and refreshing. Finding discount hotel sites on your planned budget can be one of the consuming projects that wants to gives more time and effort just to find...

12 Mar

Employee Incentives ideas

Employee Incentives Ideas What are Incentives? Why do companies give incentives to their loyal customers and best performing employees? What are the benefits of having an incentive program? Will your employees appreciate such a program, and in return, produce more capital and create a friendly work environment? Even the word “Incentive” sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? So how do we use incentives to motivate employees and promote the overall health of a business? An “Incentive” is something that we attain by meeting a goal. This is to motivate and encourage employees to boost their productivity and morale. These incentives may...

12 Mar

How to use Hotels Etc. to maximize travel discounts

Many times our members have asked questions concerning the best way to search for deep discounts in our online booking engines. Many times these questions are related to a specific property, location, event, or holiday. Due to different volumes of travelers during different seasons of the year, prices can fluctuate dramatically from discount to discount and from season to season. In light of this, you may ask yourself, “What is the most effective way that I can search for discounts in order to save the most money. Well thankfully, the humble folks at Hotelsetc.com are here to...