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9 Jul

The Best Canadian Casino Resorts

Unlike its neighbor to the south (the United States), Canada allows legal gambling activity throughout its vast expanse - which makes it a fairly popular spot for casino tourists. Indeed, by this point there are quite a few noteworthy casino resorts across Canada, which is wonderful but also makes it a daunting task to decide where to spend your time. To help with this, we've put together a list of recommendations for the best casino resorts around the country. River Rock Casino Resort - Richmond, British Columbia River Rock certainly puts the...

12 Mar

deep hotel discounts

        HOTEL DEALS Find a Nice Place to Lay Your Head Down  To take advantage of these amazing deals Login or Join today and use the blue booking engine.   Holiday Inn Resort Orlando $93/Night(Was $136) Login Or Join The Royal Hawaiian Honolulu $316/Night(Was $860) Login Or Join The Dupont Circle Hotel Washington DC $105/Night(Was $195) Login Or Join Holiday Inn San Antonio San Antonio $66/Night(Was $73) Login Or Join The Ellis Hotel Atlanta $103/Night(Was $174) Login Or Join Hacienda Encantada Resort Cabo San Lucas $104/Night(Was $239) Login Or Join   *Savings are estimated savings and not representative of actual savings. The above rates are for the identical itinerary (i.e., same hotel, room-type, room-category, rate terms & conditions, reservation dates, number of guests, length-of-stay,...

12 Mar

greatest beaches

The Greatest Beaches in the World The classic conflict that comes up when the family is voting on the next great vacation outing is, “Should we go to the mountains or the beach?”  Well if you review all that America has to offer, it wont get much easier because we have some of the most exciting mountains and the finest beaches in the whole world right here in the USA. Maybe world travelers can speak of the great beaches of France or Europe but you don’t have to fly over the ocean...

12 Mar

Who needs a travel club?

Who Needs to Join a Travel Club? Many people often need to travel around the world either for leisure or business. For many, travelling is an expensive affair because of the high costs which are associated with hotels, flights, transportation, dining and access to various tourist based facilities. However, the good news is that travelers can be able to substantially cut down on their costs especially when they join a travel club of their choice. If you love to explore the world and at the same time keep your expenses low, the decision to...

12 Mar

Start your own travel club

Start a business relationship that could be the right start for your bright future.   If you have entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to work for yourself, then Hotels Etc. may be the business for you. We are a family-friendly company with an unmatched 20 year track record of success with thousands of distributors that have achieved financial independence and stability. If you are looking to start a travel club then you are at the right place. Hotels Etc. can be more lucrative than a franchise because you don?t have to pay franchise...

12 Mar

White label travel solutions

What Are White Label Travel Solutions And Their Benefits? Wondering why white label solutions are so important in today travel world? While label solutions make you better service provider and help you emerge as the complete brand.  And this is one reason that travel companies are increasingly looking at this option quite optimistically.  With white label solutions,  it is easy for travel companies to sell all their products and services from a single point. And thus, they help you boost your ability to deliver better services to your customers  With white...

12 Mar

Book Discounted Hotels In USA

I’ve never met a person who doesn’t like going to different destinations to enjoy the vacations and thusly I believe they don’t exist. Everyone loves traveling around and most of them actually do so. But when we plan to go on a trip with a couple of more people along with us, it makes sense to get some dollar off the hotel rates as any sort of discount.   However, the hotel rates vary from hotel to hotel and from place to place, for example, the hotels would be costly in Las...

12 Mar

Why Should I Join a Discount Membership Club

Why should I Join a Discount Membership Club?   Being a member of a reputed membership club is prestigious and also makes you feel like a celebrity. But that is only just a beginning. There are endless benefits of being a part of it. To help you know what opportunities will be created once you join a club, I have enlisted here four of the major benefits. Let’s check them out. Discounted Hotels Whether you need to travel for business purpose or you love to visit different places, the first and biggest benefit you...

12 Mar

Join the best vacation membership club

Want Heavy Discounts On Hotels? Join the Best Vacation Membership Club in the USA   You can literally do much more during your holidays if you have registered with a vacation club. Further, I have discussed how you can use the facilities of a good vacation membership club so that to enrich your vacation experience.   Such clubs have already gained huge popularity and to explain why, let me use a quick example comparing both the situation.   We often want to take a break from our daily work schedule and go away from the main city to uphill or...

12 Mar

How to get hotel discounts

Travelers start searching the internet for the best deals on rooms as the holidays near. Lodging rates vary widely depending on the location and the details of the package. Ordinarily, the rates of rooms can range from $45 to $200 per night. Whatever the case may be, it makes a lot of sense to save a few dollars, especially for those who are traveling as a group or are planning to extend their stay. Below are some tips for getting hotel discounts when planning for a holiday. 1. Proper Timing Best deals are usually seasonal, so...