Hotels Etc offers a variety of ways to make money, from a simple, home-based business to an affiliate marketing system and "white label" opportunities. Click on the section below to learn more:


Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Program offers a variety of profit centers, including commissions for the sale of memberships as well as the creation of a downline. 

Affiliates of Hotels Etc are able to sell memberships for a fixed commission amount, or create a downline of sales people that they can profit from themselves. 


Control how much you make! Distributors purchase bulk memberships at a deep discount, and are able to resell them at whatever price they want.

The key here is that you control your own destiny, and can resell for as much or as little profit as you want! 

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Be a Distributor

white label travel discount opportunities

White Label Options

Our great product, your great brand. We offer the ability to "white label" our services for both resale and use. Why reinvent the wheel, when we already have it rolling? 


Don't just run a business - own the entire territory! All business done in your territory is your revenue - from Memberships to White Label and Affiliates. You own the entire market and the revenue generated from it. If you are serious about owning your business, this may be the option for you. 

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Exclusive Territories