How to get Restaurant Discounts

January 13, 2015

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Restaurant discounts

If you love to eat at restaurants, then you would know that dining out is pretty costly these days and for going out at popular joints or fine dining places can be even more expensive. By doing a little bit of research, you will be able to get good restaurant deals which will make you save a lot of money. Let’s see the ways of savoring meals at your favorite restaurants with it giving a bit less pinch to your pocket.

* Gift cards- there are various website such as Groupon and offer various gift certificates which may be very useful. Websites offer e-cards of $10 to $100 whereas certificates are worth about $40. You get to accumulate points when you buy gift certificates which you will be able to get many discounts at various good places. There are programs out there like Hotels Etc. that offers members additional promo codes that give you an extra discount off

* Frequent diner clubs- various good restaurants have rewards for frequent customers. For your consistent patronage, you’ll be able to get free desert on a minimum number of some meals or you will be getting a points card which will accumulate points on your each visit and you can exchange those points for good rewards. On sign up for a frequent diner program. Then you can eat at the given participating restaurants and earn rewards of your choice such as hotel points, charitable contributions or rewards cards. Frequent diner club would provide you points over a meal in the participating restaurants and will give you discounts in those restaurants.

* Stay informed about the deals- by signing up to the restaurant discount websites, you will be informed about the discounts provided by good restaurants. Other than that go through your newspaper every day because you will be informed about the deals in that as well. Restaurants also do advertise discounts over social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter where you can become a fan of the restaurant’s page. They would often give information about the restaurant discounts on the page or by tweets.

* Application- also nowadays there are smartphone applications which offer many application only deals on various locations. You will also be able to read reviews about restaurants and will be able to write your own reviews as well. These discounts aren’t available anywhere else so better use it well.

* Making reservations- there is an online booking website known as OpenTable which will help you save per reservation you make. You will earn rewards in terms of points and upon maturity of points, you will be given restaurant discounts cards which you will be able to use at restaurants which are affiliated to the websites. The list of websites are available on the website as well.

* Opinions- By filling up feedback surveys on i-Dine, you will be able to get rewards upon answering only few questions about the restaurant’s dining experience. You will earn restaurant discounts in terms of gift cards.

* Membership Clubs – There are several membership clubs that offer discounts at restaurants. There are only a few discount clubs that offer a great deal of restaurants, most of them only have acquired a few discounts at restaurants. If you are looking for one of the most sought after membership clubs that offer the best restaurant discounts visit

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