Tips to receive the best hotel discounts

January 15, 2015

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How to find the best hotel discounts

As any extended holiday weekend approaches, we would be all about finding the best hotel rates and if we are able to get any discounts, then we count ourselves lucky. Staying at 5-star hotels is a huge hole in the pocket as you need to shell out money for literally everything that you do in the room. Finding a hotel room on any budget is a tedious task and needs a lot of research. Hotels can add up to large sums which you sometimes cannot control.

Here are some tips for finding the best discounts on hotels-

* Compare prices online: There are various travel websites such as Expedia, Kayak, Orbitz among others which offer a range of hotels all with a variety of prices. We can also find that some website may have discounted hotel rates on a particular hotel than any other website. This may be because that website may be offering a site-only discount on hotel prices. Always research well on all such websites before booking a reservation and make use of such discounts.  If you do comparisons on sites such as Kayak you will notice that most prices across all sites are the same and that is because hoteliers are trying to put a end to price competing which makes it easier for the traveler to determine if they have the best rates. Keep in mind, when you book via a public site you are paying public rates and not necessary getting the best hotel discount.

* Be flexible on your travel dates: this is very important because the hotels won’t have the same room rates at each time of the year and keeps changing according to the any holidays. Also the rates on weekends will be higher than on weekdays. Thus we must take all these things into consideration before we book any hotel. Travelling on an off-season will be a lot cheaper than travelling and staying at the hotel during Christmas, thanksgiving or any such holidays. Membership clubs seem to provide the best discounted hotels now.

* Association membership: if you are a member of any professional group such as American Medical Association as the AARP or Hotels Etc. you will be entitled to receive hotel discounts on many famous hotels located at convenient locations. Such organizations will often demand hotels to give them the best hotel discounts on their websites, thus you must be a member of one of these membership programs in order to access the cheap hotel rates that they can provide you with.

 * Hidden discounts: you may find or get discount codes for hotel bookings on website such as or which can be used to get amazing hotel discounts. Also you may watch out for the advertisements of the hotels which offer many deals and packages which may be cheaper than the price that the particular hotel normally offer. So you must be looking out for such deals and packages and you can travel on the dates when the hotels may be discounted.  However keep in mind that the discounted hotel rates you see advertised are typically still higher than what a private membership club can get you.

* loyalty programs: there are various loyalty clubs available which will earn you points if you visit hotels. And upon the maturity of these point, you will be able to exchange these points to get discounts on hotels at major locations. Furthermore, you will be entitled to get various other things such as free city sight-seeing or complementary food at the hotel. So with only a little amount of investment, you will be able to get good rewards if you are a frequent traveler and want to enjoy staying at good hotels.  Companies such as Hotels Etc. not only provides members with the deepest travel discounts but also provides members with a loyalty program which will allow you to earn free vacations. To learn more about Hotels Etc. loyalty program visit

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