Hotels, Keep those rates cheap

January 2, 2014

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Hotels, keep those rates cheap


Rates and hotels

People while wanting the best in every business, look at prices that are economical yet offer all that they want and more. The one business that always runs on this policy is the hotel business. Cheap rentals, cheap accommodations, cheap packages, cheap deals are the ones that are hunted for when one makes travel plans.

Competition on the net

Cheap hotels that offer the best deals are on the rise as travel is on the rise. When we surf the net while planning a vacation, it is natural that we seek packages that give us the best online rates. Many holiday planners decide overnight on a trip, for such people who cannot go about the process of looking at various deals, cheap hotels are the first place they look up to book.

Seasonal planning of rates

Many a time, there could be a dip in the rates depending on the season. Holiday seasons are always fully booked, but for people who want to and can travel in the off season times, they will be persuaded to do so when they see that hotels are cheaper to rent at such times. Keeping that in mind, hotels should come out with rates that are lower than the ones in the holiday season. It is an added attraction to travellers who hesitate planning a holiday owing to high costs.

Value added services

Hotels that are listed as offering cheap rates on the net can add value to their deals by having a tie up with an airlines service. When they can do so, their customers can get affordable air tickets which acts as the needed push in booking with them. When looking for cheap hotels, customers also look for ones that offer other packages like a guided tour of the place, good deals on food, provision of a rental car service and such. As every stream of these services has to be utilized, it makes sense for hotels to tie up with restaurants, coffee shops, bars, travel agencies, car rentals and tourist guides and garner their services to make their hotel booking the best deal for their customers.

Travelling out of a bag

Cheap hotels are a boon for individual travellers who want to start their trip with only their bag packs. These hikers choose this category of cheap hotels, which offer a bed and breakfast service as it is convenient for their kind of travel as they need to be on the move every other day. Such hotels are a common sight abroad and it is an idea that is soon catching up with travel becoming an extensive feature all over the world.

Boon for economy

The existence of cheap hotels gives scope to, and encourages travellers to plan more trips that still stay within their budgets and in the process it generates revenue and gives a boost to the economy. So budget hotels and cheap hotels need to stay on the rise for bookings and travel to be on the rise. 

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