Hotels Etc Affiliate Program


What does Hotels Etc. have to offer?

Hotels Etc. is a "discount membership club" - Clients pay for a membership, and as a result get discounts on many different aspects of their trip and lifestyle. Originally designed for travel, it focused on hotels and excursions, but over time has come to include everything from events, to restaurants, to movie tickets, to shopping. The major advantage is that the discounts are better than anything else available in the marketplace.   

As a member of the Affiliate Team, you will not only sell direct to consumers for a great commission, but also be able to get paid for two people below you in the down line.  Great company - Great product - Great payout - What are you waiting for?

The Hotels Etc. Affiliate Program is a simple, effective way to make consistent income with a high quality product. 


As an Affiliate, any direct sales you make you will earn 30% commission. Any Affiliates signed up in your first downline you will receive 7% commission for their sales; and anyone they sign up,  you will earn 3% of their sales. Commissions are paid the first week on the following month directly into your bank account! 


We offer a host of marketing materials and ideas to help you generate customers and a downline. 

Want to sign up?

Click on the link below. This does not guarantee your approval as an affiliate, but will submit your application. There are a limited number of representatives, so sign up today to not miss out!