Hotels Etc. Membership

Hotels Etc. is an ever growing company in Digital World which provides online customers with most affordable entertainment, travel, and recreational offers. With its leading edge service, this company has thousands of satisfied customers around the globe. First launched in 1996; this company has helped its consumers to save their hard earned money on travel right from the start. With the way we do business, with our continuous growth, we now offer a discount for 30 different categories. These categories are Hotels, Condos, Resorts, Cruises, Apartments, Movies, Golf, Attractions, Car Rental, Restaurants, Vacation Packages, Theme Parks, Shows, Zoos Attractions, Entertainment and many more.

Become our Member

When you buy from us for the first time, you will be rewarded with a membership card. With this, you can log in your private members area for making bookings. We put to use the same technology as other websites such as, and others. But the difference between our booking engines and theirs is we provide heavy discounts while being a better-secured option than them.

We cover more than 140 countries while offering over 1,000,000 online and offline discounts. Apart from that, we also give our valued members bonuses from time to time.

Our Vision

When we first started out, we just had one thing in our vision, we wanted to revolutionize both the travel and entertainment industry by making it more affordable for people who want to take vacations and enjoy life. With this mindset, Hotel Etc promises it will only provide you with the best prices as compared to anywhere else.

Your Opportunity to Save

So are you interested in saving a big chunk of money? If yes then be glad to know that you are only a few steps away of doing that. Become a member and enjoy low-cost travel, entertain, and recreation available on the internet.

In case you are looking to save on our membership, we charge $99, but you can save more if you get our lifetime subscription, which is only for $995. This payment is once in a life, once you are through this, you get to enjoy unlimited discounts anywhere you like. Considering all this, if you are interested in becoming a member, you can do it in the following simple steps.

  • Choose Country, State and even City
  • Choose Membership
  • Membership Shipped to you
  • Register your Membership and Enjoy are massive discounts

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Why Should You give us a Shot?

Hotels Etc. is all about customer satisfaction. We are true to our commitment as we offer you superb discounts with a secure system to make your bookings and purchases. With the fact that companies are making it hard for customers to find discounts online with coupons, promo codes and discounted offers.

The good thing is they know how to keep people interested, and this is why they come to the US! We offer discount offers to our members only. This makes businesses confident that we won't leak their secret offers to the general public.