Hotels Etc. Membership

Why should I join Hotels Etc.?

  • Supplying travel industry since 1996
  • A+ Rating with BBB
  • Excellent customer service
  • Discounts not available to the public
  • Over 1 million online and offline discounts
  • Same technology that larger companies use
  • Safe and Secure Booking
  • Earn reward points to earn free trips and vacations
  • Savings up to 80% off public rates
  • Discounts stretch to 141 countries
  • Track and monitor bookings and reservations online

What kind of discounts will I have access to?

  • Hotels                  600,000 +/-  1-5 stars up to 80% off
  • Cruises                All major cruise lines up to 50% off
  • Car Rentals         All major car rentals up to 50 % off
  • Vacations            4-7 Night Resort Vacations 80% off
  • Condos                Daily or weekly condos up to 60%
  • Restaurants        18,000 U.S restaurants up to 60% off
  • Movies                 Every major movie theater up to 65% off
  • Theme Parks       Hundreds of Theme Parks up to 50% off
  • Shows                  Concerts, Shorts, Tickets, Festivals
  • Camping              Up to 50% off campgrounds
  • Activities                Excursions, Tours, and more
  • Transfers              Hotels, boat, tour transfers
  • Flight Packages    Flight with purchase of Hotels, or Cars
  • Skiing                    Ski Packages at up to 50% off
  • Recreation            Fishing, pool, hiking, rentals and more

Why should I NOT join Hotels Etc.?

  • You like to pay retail price on your travel
  • You like spending hours and days planning your vacation
  • You like to search for discounts and be upset when you don’t find any
  • You have been burnt in the past with fake promises
  • You don’t travel, play golf, go to the movies, eat at restaurants or vacation

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