Hotels Etc. is a rapidly growing company in the digital world that specializes in providing online customers with the lowest travel, entertainment, and recreation discounts on the web with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.
Hotels Etc. launched in 1996 to help consumers save money on their hotel expenses but because of the way we do business we have grown to over 30 different categories of discounts including Hotels, Resorts, Condos, Cruises, Apartments, Theme Parks, Movies, Restaurants, Golf, Attractions, Tours, Sport Tickets, Concerts, Bonus Weeks, Zoos, Aquariums, Shows, Car Rental, Campgrounds, Events, Seasonal Activities and much more!

Once you make a purchase, you will receive a membership card and then you can log into your private members area to make your bookings. We utilize the same technology just like the big sites,, Travelocity and etc., the difference is our booking engines are discounted but just as secure as they are!

We are valid in 141 countries with over 1,000,000 online and offline discounts.

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Our vision is to revolutionize the travel and entertainment Industry and making it more affordable for families to enjoy life and take more vacations.

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"This is by far the best discount website I have seen. They have prices that don't even exist anywhere else. I loved taking my wife for vacation and Hotel Etc. always help me a lot with the costs. They know how to make it much less costly for me which makes it affordable for us to travel. From meals, entertainment places, to movies, everything they have to offer here is amazing. I absolutely love what they do. They do a fantastic job. Keep up the good work guys."- Richard Adams

"I have tried a lot of discount websites in the past and it always surprised me how I found deals that I bought somewhere else on the internet that I didn't know about. When I found out about Hotel Etc. I made a comparison to other websites that I used to use and I realized how deep Hotels Etc. discounts are. It stands out by even 55% off than some of the other sites. I have at first purchased an annual membership but then after I have used it, I went for the lifetime membership and it never seemed like a bad choice. I still love Hotel Etc. and i use it often to find the best deals for me."- Karolin Johnson

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