Sex and The City Hotspots Tour

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Sex and the City Fans can now visit the hippest and hottest sites used on the popular HBO series! The three-hour bus tour is led by actresses and stand-up comediennes who normally dress the part of Carrie-- but on a lower budget.

The Sex and the City Tour incorporates over 40 locations, from the popular show and movie as you follow in the footsteps of Carrie and Co.

See the furniture store where Aidan worked as a designer, and have a drink at the bar owned by Steve and Aidan. Also see locations that were used in the Sex and the City movie! Tours are led by local actresses and run at 11am & 3pm on Weekdays and 10am, 11am, & 3pm on Weekends.

Ages 13 and older only.

Sex and The City Tour
5th Avenue and 58th Street
New York, New York