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Wonderworks is a playground for the mind that has more than 100 interactive exhibits to explore. You can Land a Space Shuttle by maneuvering controls with hand and eye coordination. Fly an F14 and F18 fighter jet complete with visual effects. Jump into a real Space Suit and Mercury Capsule and get you picture taken. Become part of a 3-dimensional world while playing basketball or soccer. Experience a live Earthquake in this simulator measuring 5.3 feels like the real thing. Enter a Desert War in Global VR. This virtual reality exhibit will have you combat ready! Step into a life size bubble in the Bubble Lab. Ever wonder what it was like to lay on a Bed of Nails? Well you can lay on 3,500 sharp nails and feel the sensation or press into a wall made of 40,000 pins and create a 3-dimensional impression on the Wonder Wall. Many more unique exhibits to see and explore.