Welcome to Our Travel Blog http://www.hotelsetc.com/blog Feed created by jmaroc.com Beware of Travel Scams, Few tips to consider http://www.hotelsetc.com/blog/beware-of-travel-scams http://www.hotelsetc.com/blog/beware-of-travel-scams <p>Unlike most products, travel services usually have to be paid for before they are delivered. This creates opportunities for disreputable individuals and companies. Some travel packages turn out to be very different from what was presented or what the consumer expected. Some don't materialize at all! </p> <p>If you receive an offer by phone or mail for a free or extremely low-priced vacation trip to a popular destination (often Hawaii or Florida), there are a few things you should look for: </p> <p>* Does the price seem too good to be true? If so, it probably is.  </p> <p>* Are you asked to give your credit card number over the phone?  </p> <p>* Are you pressured to make an immediate decision?  </p> <p>* Is the carrier simply identified as "a major airline," or does the representative offer a collection of airlines without being able to say which one you will be on?  </p> <p>* Is the representative unable or unwilling to give you a street address for the company?  </p> <p>* Are you told you can't leave for at least two months? (The deadline for disputing a credit card charge is 60 days, and most scam artists know this.)  </p> <p>If you encounter any of these symptoms, proceed cautiously. Ask for written information to be sent to you; any legitimate travel company will be happy to oblige. If they don't have a brochure, ask for a day or two to think it over; most bona fide deals that are good today will still be good two days from now. If they say no to both requests, this probably isn't the trip for you. </p> <p>Some other advice: </p> <p>* If you are told that you've won a free vacation, ask if you have to buy something else in order to get it. Some packages have promoted free air fare, as long as you buy expensive hotel arrangements. Others include a free hotel stay, but no air fare.  </p> <p>* If you are seriously considering the vacation offer and are confident you have established the full price you will pay, compare the offer to what you might obtain elsewhere. Frequently, the appeal of free air fare or free accommodations disguises the fact that the total price is still higher than that of a regular package tour.  </p> <p>* Get a confirmed departure date, in writing, before you pay anything. Eye skeptically any promises that an acceptable date will be arranged later. If the package involves standby or wait list travel, or a reservation that can only be provided much later, ask if your payment is refundable if you want to cancel, and don't pay any money you can't afford to lose.  </p> <p>* If the destination is a beach resort, ask the seller how far the hotel is from the beach. Then ask the hotel.  </p> <p>* Determine the complete cost of the trip in dollars, including all service charges, taxes, processing fees, etc.  </p> <p>* If you decide to buy the trip after checking it out, paying by credit card gives you certain legal rights to pursue a chargeback (credit) if promised services aren't delivered.  </p> <p>* Always purchase from a company that has been around for a while. Don't purchase a vacation from a company that has less then a 2 year history. </p> text/html http://www.hotelsetc.com/blog/beware-of-travel-scams 7 Secrets To Travel Safe On Your Next Vacation http://www.hotelsetc.com/blog/travel-safe http://www.hotelsetc.com/blog/travel-safe <div readability="12.107142857143">You’ve got the plane ticket, the hotel reservation, the itinerary. But have you given any thought or taken any steps to protect your health and safety? The worst thing that can happen is that you spend your vacation in a hospital— or bring home a weird, exotic virus that has you bedridden for weeks. Watch some great travel videos at <a href="http://www.hotelsetc.com/system/application/libraries/spaw2/empty/;//www.youtube.com/hotelsetc">www.youtube.com/hotelsetc</a> </div> <p>You also want to avoid theft, mugging, or worst, terrorist attacks. Your resort may call itself an “island paradise” but let’s not be naïve and assume everyone is as friendly as they look in the brochures.? </p> <p>Be smart. Prepare, make informed decisions, especially if you’re traveling with your family. This vacation is supposed to be fun—and you can do your part by preventing most disasters. </p> <p>1. Check Travel Advisories </p> <p>Your embassy will list places that they recommend “caution” or right-out tell you to stay away from altogether. This could be because of a tense political situation, or a low level of security in underdeveloped areas. ? </p> <p>But also take advisories with some degree of salt. ?You can safely assume that the capitals and major cities of a country will be more tourist friendly, since governments would’ve probably taken great efforts to develop them. The exception, of course, are countries going through civil war—in which case, read the international newspapers (or the web-version of their local English paper) to see how bad it really is. </p> <p>2. Get Vaccinated </p> <p>Some viruses that are relatively rare in your country may proliferate in the climate of another—and you don’t have the natural antibodies to fight them. Get the full range of vaccines (your embassy website will also recommend which ones you really need, depending on here you want to go). </p> <p>3. Bring Medicines and Prescriptions? </p> <p>Ask your doctor for two copies of your prescriptions (carry one in your wallet, and leave one in your luggage). Also bring enough anti histamines (for allergies) or any maintenance vitamins or medications. Asthmatics should carry have a nebulizer—especially since attacks can be triggered by change in climate or physical exertion (you never know how much walking you’ll be doing during the tour). </p> <p>4. Never Flaunt Your Valuables </p> <p>Wearing your Rolex or flashing large amounts of money practically screams “Rob me!” to the pickpockets. Keep small bills and change in your belt bag for easy access (these are for entrance fees, cab fares, snacks). Keep larger bills in a zippered pocket. ?To be very safe, divide the money and distribute it among several pockets—at least, even if you do get robbed, you still have something left. </p> <p>Another tip: bring only what you need for that day and leave the rest in the hotel safety deposit box.? </p> <p>5. Travel in Groups </p> <p>This is unfamiliar land, and you may not even speak the local language. So stick together (at least divide into pairs), especially at night.? </p> <p>6. Ask the Hotel Receptionist/Travel Agent Which Places to Avoid </p> <p>Before exploring the area, get a list of places known for its crime rate, or streets that tend to get dark after a particular hour. Identify the areas on a map and avoid accordingly. </p> <p>7. Tell the Hotel Receptionist Where You Are Going? </p> <p>This is very important if you are going skiing, ?hiking, or participating in any activity where there is a risk of getting lost or injured. ?Name how many people will be in your party and what time they can expect you. Then, they can alert authorities if you have not returned. </p> text/html http://www.hotelsetc.com/blog/travel-safe Receive a free 4 or 7 night vacation when you join http://www.hotelsetc.com/blog/free-vacation http://www.hotelsetc.com/blog/free-vacation [unable to retrieve full-text content] text/html http://www.hotelsetc.com/blog/free-vacation Tips on Planning your holiday travel around parity rates http://www.hotelsetc.com/blog/holiday-travel-tips http://www.hotelsetc.com/blog/holiday-travel-tips <p class="MsoNormal"><span arial="" rounded="" mt="" bold="" sans-serif="">   TIPS ON PLANNING YOUR HOLIDAY AROUND RATE PARITY </span></p> <iframe width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4zyBEVysATE"></iframe> <p class="MsoNormal"><span arial="" rounded="" mt="" bold="" sans-serif=""> </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal">Holidays and vacations are probably the best part of our lives. They are regularly occurring bright milestones that we look forward to. In order to get the most out of these precious bubbles of time, we need to plan them well. Here are some useful tips to help you with the task.</p> <p class="MsoNormal"><i><u>Start early.</u></i>  Matter of fact several months ahead! The more time you have for planning the better. Sit down with all the people that are joining you for the trip. Take into account their wishes and needs. The bigger the group the more problematic it will be to accommodate their ideas and you all need to be ready for compromising. Try to satisfy one wish of each group member so everybody is happy. Or you can split – while the ladies spend the afternoon shopping, the gentlemen can go on a snorkeling trip.</p> <p class="MsoNormal"><i><u>Decide where you want to go.</u></i> Make a list of 2-3 places and vote for the top destination that you all want to visit.</p> <p class="MsoNormal"><i><u>Decide what you want to do and see when you get there.</u></i> If you are travelling to a new place, you need to do some research. Read about the attractions, location, climate, customs and possibilities of that destination. Let everyone in your group suggest an activity they prefer to do. Incorporate them into an itinerary but leave some space for improvising in case of the unfavorable weather or force majeure (you plan a half day visit to the archeological site  in Pompei, Italy and the moment you get to the ticket office you discover the employees are on a “sciopero” – a strike - that day).</p> <p class="MsoNormal"><i><u><a href="http://www.hotelsetc.com/membership">Start booking travel<span>.</span></a></u></i> Searching the net for the best deals and making arrangements can be a very time-consuming and exhausting task. A wise thing to do is to join a travel discount club such as Hotels Etc. whose team is specialized in finding you the best deals on all your travel needs from hotels, flight tickets, attraction tickets and other activities. With their expertise you will enjoy great savings that can be used for other treats and fun experiences. So join the Hotels Etc. travel club and start booking your unforgettable getaway with ore ease. Members of Hotels Etc. receive up to 80% off public rates. They offer by far the best discounts on travel, entertainment and recreation. Members can purchase 7 day vacations for up to 90% off retail price. That could equal thousands of dollars in savings. </p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span>BE WARE OF PARITY RATES</span></p> <p class="MsoNormal">Most consumers have not discovered this major change in the travel industry but will soon to realize that membership clubs are your best option. Next time you are searching for a vacation or travel discount be sure to check all sites and you will soon discover EVERYONE IS THE SAME PRICE. OTA’s like Expedia and Travelocity are not allow to offer discounted travel. Matter of fact, the hotel cant even offer a discount. The only way to get a discount is to be part of a closed looped program such as Hotels Etc. Visit <a href="http://www.hotelsetc.com/blog">www.hotelsetc.com/blog</a>to learn more about rate parity and how to get the best discount possible.  <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UljzqHxDV7Y">Watch this video</a> show you first hand that you are not able to get a public discount anymore and that rate parity prevents it from happening.</p> <p class="MsoNormal"></p> text/html http://www.hotelsetc.com/blog/holiday-travel-tips How to get the best travel discounts http://www.hotelsetc.com/blog/how-to-get-best-travel-discounts http://www.hotelsetc.com/blog/how-to-get-best-travel-discounts <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="EN-CA">Life without travelling would be very sad and plain. It refreshes our mind, helps us change the perspective and gives us new energy and ideas for the future. Travelling and exploring our lovely planet provides us with great memories and experiences that we will cherish and pass on as stories to our grandchildren. We all want to travel as much as possible and if we are smart, we can travel and save lots of money, too. Smart travelers plan their trips ahead, search for the best prices and usually plan their trip outside school holidays and the high season. Smart travelers know that the airline tickets are way cheaper on Tuesdays and Wednesday, resorts offer best deals on Sundays and hotels charge less during the mid-week. </span></p> <p class="MsoNormal">With <a href="http://www.hotelsetc.com/blog/no-hotel-discounts">rate parity</a> being enforced, consumers are scrambling to find a true travel discount.</p> <p class="MsoNormal"><span lang="EN-CA">Before you travel, first decide where you want to go and research the location, the attractions and activities. Then check online to get an idea of prices. You can save money on travel by staying at cheaper hotels, joining a chain’s loyalty program, using a travel reward credit cards, being flexible with travel dates, using discounts for members of a professional association, negotiating with the hotel, taking two flights instead of a direct one or buying a package. Another perfect way to save a nice heap of banknotes is by becoming a member of the travel discount site like Hotels Etc. The membership is only $99 a year. </span><span lang="EN-CA">But you can save more if you get the lifetime subscription for $995. It’s not a lot if you consider the sum the membership saves you on all vacations of your life. </span><span lang="EN-CA"><a href="http://www.youtube.com/hotelsetc">Hotels Etc</a>. is committed to offer you superb discounts with a secure system to make your bookings and purchases. They are all about customer satisfaction so you won’t regret joining them.</span></p> text/html http://www.hotelsetc.com/blog/how-to-get-best-travel-discounts