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Membership DOES Have Privileges!

Membership has always been defined as exclusivity and opportunities for its members.  Why would travel be the any different?  Too often, most "travel sites" are "One Size Fits All" solutions that offer public rates.  What we have found since 1996, customization and exclusivity is what our clients want and need!

Travel is more than price.  Travel is more than reviews.  Travel is about a destination, a choice.  YES, membership should include the deepest possible discounts to its members, but it has to be so much more.  Membership is about access.  Access to:

Cheap Hotels, Cruises, Car Rentals, Golf, Theme Parks, Restaurants, Shows, Condos, and the best in luxury and amenity you want in a trip.  Access that ONLY Members have.

Hotels Etc. is ALL about the etc.  The "Etc." is what has our members raving.  The "Etc." is the ultimate concierge site for our members.  Ready to go behind the scenes and see what a membership should look like?

List of Member Benefits

  • Access PRIVATE discounts that BEAT PUBLIC RATES 9/10 times by up to 75%

  • Discounts on Hotels, Cruises Car Rentals, Restaurants, Golf, Theme Parks, Movie Theaters, Restaurants, Recreation, Entertainment, Vacations, Condos, Resorts, Airline Packages, Amusement Parks, Historic Sites, Tours, Tickets, Shows, Shopping and much more!

  • Earn Points on OUR wholesale rates (discounts beat best available rates) every time you book or purchase one of the services. Then you are able to redeem your purchasing points for free vacations, cheap hotels, flights and etc.